Description of myself

I am Stéphane Lemay, currently working as a full-time employee in Web Development for a company located in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

I developped a strong liking toward computing since elementary school, where I first discovered this technology. It attracts me for the technology itself, along with it's applications and derived uses which are getting more and more common in our daily lives.

My computer studies began with optional classes available in elementary and high school. At the CÉGEP de Saint-Jérôme, I began to study this domain seriously by eventually receiving my diploma in Computer Techniques. Later on, I moved on to the University of Montreal to get my Baccalaureate in Computer Science, which I obtained three years later.

Along with the needs directly related to my career and studies, I accomplished several projects related to computer science and computers themselves in my free time. holds the majority of my web programming efforts along with several of my other projects related to this domain. The content is always changing to follow my currently favored efforts along with my past and future ones. Right now, the section updated the most is the one related to the Mega Man game series since it's the most popular and complete one.

Logo and name

Interordi Logo The name Interordi is used as a banner for all of my projects published on the Internet and through other means. The name comes from the first two syllables of "inter-communication" and "ordinateur" (the French word for "computer"), those two terms being notions that have catched my attention for a long time.

The logo is also part of the visual identity of the whole. It can be static, as seen on the right, or animated by a rotation on itself. The red color has been chosen for being easy to recognize. The logo has the strength of being easy to represent in gray tones, or by using only two colors while being as recognizable.