The following list of websites offers some complementary information about topics covered on this website, such as my projects or the schools I attended. IP tools This page that I created offers a few utilities useful for getting information on his own IP address, and for detailed information related to DNS records.
CÉGEP de Saint-Jérôme The CÉGEP de Saint-Jêrôme is the place where I received my diploma in Computer Techniques in 2003.
University of Montreal
(computing department)
I am currently studying at the University of Montreal to get my Baccalaureate in Computer Science.

The next few link to friends' websites.

ZooN Byte ZooN's homepage features several of his work in creating Monster Truck Madness and 4x4 Evo tracks, along with with various computer graphics projects.
Travelling Lodge The website of a friend documenting his trips aboard while sharing tips on how to travel without spending too much.

The next set of links point out some useful ressources on various websites related to web creation, or for additional components meant for an existing website. Some of these are almost compulsory for any serious web programmer, while others give simple answers to common problems that can be troublesome.

World Wide Web Consortium The perfect reference for all web standards. You can also find some very useful validation tools there. The online PHP documentation is complete and complemented by user comments who often offer great solutions to your problems. Based on a model similar to, the MySQL documentation offers quick answers to the most useful functions.
RSS 2.0 Specification
(french translation)
The news in RSS format allow webmasters to send their news and updates to other websites or users. This is a link to the 2.0 version of the standard, the simplest and one of the most commonly used.
HTML 4.0 Latin-1 Entities A quick reference for HTML valid entities, which is always handy when creating a website destined to an international audience.
Styling <hr> Article on the ways to use the <hr> tag styled using CSS while being as compatible as possible using various browsers. A website where a large variety of free and paying software are offered in order to add extra features to your website.
VBForums A very active discussion forum oriented toward the Visual Basic programming langage. Get answers in a few minutes only!
MSDN Library Microsoft's documentation for their software such as Visual Studio is all available on this site, which gives you a starting point when you need to detail a specific function.
Java Technology The dedicated Java website by Sun can't be looked over. The available documentation and the numerous examples can bring a simple piece of software to new heights.