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About Interordi

The Interordi network is primarily focused on gamers and online communities. Said groups are centered around the forums, our Discord server and the game servers. The main centre of attention changes over time, following the interests of the community. Many stick around as they enjoy the casual atmosphere!

To view the currently available communities and interests, see the homepage!


Logo and name

Interordi logo The name Interordi is used as a common brand for all of my projects published on the Internet and beyond. The name comes from the first two syllables of "inter-communication" and "ordinateur" (the French word for "computer"), the two being terms that caught my attention a long time ago and grew to be a focus of my work, both professional and personnal.

The logo forms the core of the visual identity of the whole network. The red color has been chosen for being visually strong, while the logo can be declined in a single color or grey tones while still being recognizable at any size.


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