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The Pocket service allows one to save web pages in order to reference them later, either on the same device or elsewhere. BiteReads is an interface for that service, showing the same information in a more compact format. All of the base features are included.

How it works:

  1. Install the application. Optional.
  2. Create a Pocket account or log in.
  3. Add pages to reference later.
  4. Read your content.
  5. Mark the pages as read, or delete them.

Your content is automatically synchronized between all the platforms you use, allowing you to easily add pages and read them from anywhere. For usage examples, see the online version.

Get it on Google Play Get it from Microsoft Use It Online

iOS users, you can access the online version in Safari then add it to your home screen (Share button, then "Add to Home Screen"). It will then behave just like your other applications.

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