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Minecraft plugins

I've been running Minecraft servers on the Creeper's Lab since 2011. After experiencing some limitations with existing plugins, plus wanting some unique features not found anywhere else, I set up to develop my own utilities to expand what I can do as a server owner. These days, I'm also focusing on releasing these tools to the public, so that they can be useful to other people.

This is all software that's in use on the servers I also run, so quality, stability and performance are important to me.


Track multiple gameplay statistics from the players.


Collect as many unique death notifications as possible!


Find the item, return the item, every four hours. Enjoy the grind!


Chat and commands logging.


Manage warnings, kicks and bans on a network.


A racing challenge - get as far as you can on foot!


Monitor servers and store status in a database.


Synchronize the player data across multiple servers in a network.


Track player visits in WorldGuard regions.


Fun particle trails for players.

For the full list of plugins currently available and their download links, please check on the following sites.

Hangar Modrinth Polymart Spigot resources GitHub account