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Misskey and the Fediverse

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The Fediverse

To keep things simple, the Fediverse is a group of communities and services that communicate with each other. Nobody owns it, anyone can start their own server if they want, opening up several locations for others to join in. It's effectively social media without a single company controlling it.

The most popular service on the Fediverse is Mastodon, which is similar in structure to Twitter: browse a timeline, write messages, reply and reblog to increase the visibility of others. Other platforms include pictures and video sharing services, blogs and more.

Many people use "instance" and "server" interchangeably, and that's fine for most purposes. You need one to register on, then you're free to interact with others, even if they are on different instances.

This isn't meant to be a complete guide, there are many better ones out there. Think of this as a quick summary and starting guide!

Misskey instance

Our Misskey instance is a microblogging platform that is open to all: you can freely register, post, follow others and all that!

Getting started

Getting started is simple!

From them on, follow people, write posts and gradually dive in. To follow someone, use the Search tool to search for their name. For example, try searching for, and my account will pop up.

When starting, it's normal to have a blank timeline. There are no automated recommendations, it's up to you to find people worth following. Also to keep in mind, when you start following someone, their previous posts might not appear in your feed: new content will start to roll in from this moment forward.

Why not Mastodon?

Some of you already familiar with this might be wondering why Mastodon wasn't the selected option. After comparing some options, Misskey is less ressource-intensive, while its interface feels easier to pick up. This seemed to be a good choice for a starting point, especially for newcomers.

Misskey, Mastodon and others are able to communicate with each other easily. Most of what you might have read about one will apply to the other, so follow any guide you want and try different things!

Rules and information

The server rules and owner information are posted on this page. The community rules are the same as the rest of the Interordi network, with a focus on family-friendliness and proper labelling of content. No harrasment or diffamation of any kind is tolerated.