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You need to register in order to post. Registration is free. You don't need to do so if you are only taking a look around, although you won't be able to use all features. The answer is no. When moderators are needed, an announcement will be made about it. Wait until then! Please check out the Rules page and the Important Notices forum for the full details. This message board is powered by IOBoard v2.0, coded by Stéphane Lemay of Interordi. Other scripts will be available at in the future, along with some information about this system. It stands for "Interordi Board", in contracted form.
About posting
Markdown allows you to format your messages with a simple, easy to read syntax. To learn that syntax and practice it in a safe setting, try out the Markdown tool, which matches what is available here. BBCode is an older forum-style syntax for posts. While Markdown is generally recommended nowadays, this is still accessible to everyone.
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Of course! You can type the code manually, or simply click on a face on the posting page to add one to your post. Here is the full list of available smilies.
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:( :(
;) ;)
:D :D
:eek: :eek:
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:/ :/
^_^ ^_^
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o_o o_o
:lol: :lol:
:cute: :cute:
<3 <3
:joy: :joy:
:sweat: :sweat:
:cry: :cry:
:vomit: :vomit:
:zzz: :zzz:
:party: :party:
B) B)
:angel: :angel:
About misc. elements
You can post in this forum to describe your problem and see how it can be fixed. All of the topics to which you have subscribed to receive emails will be gathered together and sent to you daily. This is done to reduce the number of emails sent to each member. As such, you won't get an immediate notification about new posts.
Achievements are given for completing various tasks, either on the message board proper or on attached system such as the Minecraft server. Their only purpose is to provide optional, parallel targets to obtain for fun! In the top navigation bar, click the "Achievements" link. In your User options, hit the "My achievements" link. Alternatively, open your Stream and click on "My achievements". See the leaderboard!
Minecraft server
That is not a question. Once you are registered on the forums, add your Minecraft username (NOT the login email address) in your Networks.
Badges are earned by completing specific tasks and are handed out as needed. Achievements are plentiful and can be earned in many ways; badges are more rare and handled only for completing specific objectives, such as earning all achievements in a category. Open your Stream, then click on "My badges" in the left menu. The feature is being developed and will be expanded later on! You can turn off the display of badges in your member profile.
Merit points
Points can be earned through various actions and events, such as winning or participating in contests.