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Banned Permanently for "griefing" EmbraceTorch
Started by EmbraceTorch on 18 November 2023 at 19:49
I had just registered today and was banned the same day for "griefing." I was not told why I was banned for "griefing," but to my knowledge, any blocks I had broken at spawn were placed back immediately, and I also replanted the crops I farmed on a community farm. It could be for the items I took from community chests, but they were shown to be accessible for new players (Like the free soup). If permanent bans are thrown out so haphazardly without any recognition of letti ...
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→ Last: Pides13 on
18 November 2023 at 20:36
Ban appeal
Accidently broke glass in spawn
Started by DeathArqade on 14 September 2023 at 23:50
I was running on a bridge and randomly swinging. I thought everything was protected although I accidently broke something so I punch the air. I go in the chat box for help although poor I’m banned already. I’m sorry I’m new to the server. Heck I’m new to Minecraft
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→ Last: LordItachi on
12 October 2023 at 0:09
baned for not knowing
i dit know that i can get banned from player traping
Started by mergingis on 6 August 2023 at 15:14
i was playing with grem when he said he will be back with a gift soni thout if i put sand were he left off he would be on top so when he joined back i hered he taking damage so i stared ming away the sand off of grem then the next day i was banded for player traping but i didt know player traping was banable. i hope i can be unbaned so i can give stuff to my friend who. is going to log on soon.
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→ Last: Doctacosa on
13 August 2023 at 3:47
Banned because of my own curiosity...
Started by Bologna on 25 July 2023 at 0:42
I found a squid swimming in water inside the nether and my curiosity got the best of me... I may have touched the squid. Is there any way I can be unbanned? I promise not to make any more stupid mistakes! I also got /killed and lost all of my items. I had netherite gear, the master sword from lost woods, and some other stuff like food and a bow.

Sorry for wasting whoever's time with this appeal. :(

If I had known it was a trap, I would have never approached it. Please allow me a s ...
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25 July 2023 at 3:03
i hit the piglin
im sorry
Started by thicfish12360 on 2 July 2023 at 20:58
I punched the zombie piglin near the grand central station in Laurasia. I can't remember exactly why because it was so long ago. I am truly sorry and I won't do it again. I have had a lot of fun on this server and have not found a better one in the year I have been gone.
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→ Last: thicfish12360 on
6 July 2023 at 23:48
Ban Appeal
Started by SharkMan1918 on 4 June 2023 at 23:29
My IGN is SharkMan007 i believe i was banned for breaking the glass on a box, I should have not done this and im sorry for breaking it. I wanted to see what was inside and my curiosity got the better of me. Im sorry and it wont happen again.
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→ Last: SharkMan1918 on
5 June 2023 at 2:57
Banned for punching Saitama
I got banned for punching Saitama out of curiosity.
Started by Sup0rGam0r on 27 February 2023 at 15:01
So my username is Sup0rGam0r, and I got banned last night for punching Saitama out of curiosity. I was not trying to kill grief or kill him, just simply seeing wha happen. I thought at worst I would die, and I would get my stuff back since this was in spawn. Instead I was banned. I really enjoy this server and would never intentionally grief as I find this a fun past time to play with friends and new people. I understand I was being stupid and I am sorry for that. I understand if I cannot be ...
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→ Last: Doctacosa on
28 February 2023 at 5:20
I miss this server.
Started by Blackstar3098 on 8 October 2022 at 16:07
Dear Mods of Creepers Lab,

It's been over a year now and I'm sorry for what I did. I have tried to move on and find a server to play on instead of this one but none of them can quite compare. I would eternally gratefull if I could be granted a second chance now that some time has passed.

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→ Last: Blackstar3098 on
18 October 2022 at 0:25
Ban appeal
new to online play
Started by Owencbear on 19 August 2022 at 19:50
My son (OwenCBear, as per this account), was new to online play and took something. It was my fault for not emphasizing the rules, and he panicked and exited rather than apologize. I have spoken to him about this. If it is possible to give him another chance, I (and he) would appreciate it. If not, we understand. I could not tell from his description if this was a 3 day ban or something more permanent.

In any case, I appreciate and applaud your efforts in running this com ...
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→ Last: Owencbear on
19 August 2022 at 21:02
XRay Ban Appeal
Started by KyleCL on 21 July 2022 at 22:18
Hello, I just got wrongfully banned for XRay from the server (Laurasia). I was mining in a cave, and seeing as the cave system I was in was very closed off—I reached a dead end in the cave—I decided to mine straight down in hopes of landing in another cave. Conveniently, I found a few Redstone ores in my direct path downward and subsequently mined them, thereby prompting the ban. Prior to that, I had mined a few iron, coal, and gold ores following the cave downwards.

I was not using X ...
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→ Last: LordItachi on
22 July 2022 at 19:49
Discord Ban Appeal
Started by Kinnial on 18 February 2022 at 0:32
Hello, I would like to appeal my discord ban, the rule I had broke was having 2 accounts inside the discord server, prior to this I had swapped accounts and had forgot to leave on katt#5365 (Which is banned as well for the same reason) Reasoning being that I swapped accounts is that I had put my age on the wrong account and I didn't have an ID at the time to verify my age to discord so I had just swapped entirely. The only rules I had broke were having 2 accounts in the discord server.
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→ Last: Kinnial on
18 February 2022 at 15:28
Ban Appeal
I was lagging
Started by chop999333 on 12 February 2022 at 20:13
In June of 2021, I was permanently banned for griefing. I was looking through the nether and trying to go back to my base, and saw a squid in the nether. I then started lagging and then (I guess) I hit the squid, which killed me. I realize now that it was probably an anti-griefing trap, and will try to remember not to start randomly clicking while lagging. Could you please un ban me?

I am also a first time offender.

I have also been reading through other ban appeals and saw another ...
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→ Last: LordItachi on
15 February 2022 at 16:39
Just an idea, not an appeal
(This is from Gira)
Started by Chucktheduck on 18 January 2022 at 4:41
I've noticed a lot of people in the discord talking about their ban, and was thinking, what if there was a ban appeal channel in the discord? This would make it more simple for some folks, especially those who don't know the way the website works (going forums then scrolling down to CL and then ban appeals, even finding out the website exists in the first place).
Just an idea, sorry if this doesn't belong in this section of the forums
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→ Last: Chucktheduck on
2 February 2022 at 15:11
Perm Ban appeal
I didn't break any rules
Started by DieNoBut on 13 January 2022 at 23:07
Hey so I recently just Joined the server. Today actually. I Went to log on and play some more, but for some reason I have a permanent ban for griefing? I'm not sure why this happened, but I don't believe I was griefing. I looked around the server for a bit then logged off so if someone could lift my ban please I would be grateful, as this is the first server I think I'll actually enjoy! Thank you!
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→ Last: LordItachi on
17 January 2022 at 3:00
Please reconsider ban
Started by cschuess on 14 January 2022 at 21:52
I just got my son , 7, through the whitelist process. He must have accidently mined in someones property and was banned within minutes. Can he have a second chance now that i have gone over the rules with him?

User name is RustBracelet315

Thanks for your consideration
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→ Last: Doctacosa on
15 January 2022 at 4:37
Not a ban appeal but a question
Started by macker88 on 19 December 2021 at 10:23
Hello so I was banned (quite rightly so) I was using xray. my question is more of a confirmation of how long my ban is for. I read somewhere (cant find it now) and im prety sure it said 3 days for the first violation but now as i cant find it i wanted to reach out and check. i'm not looking to evade the ban time or anything like that as i did do the thing i was banned for i just want to know when i can come back ( i was just starting to build some bits and really wanted to work on them. ...
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→ Last: macker88 on
19 December 2021 at 18:49
Banned for griefing
Started by iweed1138 on 15 December 2021 at 22:30
I got banned for griefing I guess because I was sitting there mining a block while waiting to get teleported in the lobby I'm on bedrock and my username is IWeed1138 if you need that
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→ Last: iweed1138 on
17 December 2021 at 20:05
Ban appeal - I don't use cheating mods
Started by Gugalcrom123 on 29 November 2021 at 15:40
The only mods I use are:
- Clear Skies
- Fabrishot (4K screenshots)
- LambdaBetterGrass
- LambDynamicLights
- Lithium
- Ok Zoomer
- Sodium
- WorldEdit (which dosen't work on servers)
- Starlight

As you can see, there are mostly optimization mods. I don't use any mods for cheating.
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2 December 2021 at 14:24
I didn't do anything?
Started by winrose on 15 November 2021 at 8:36
I was just sitting afk in my basic mob farm, if it caused any kind of lag I would understand a kick but I didn't do anything to deserve a 2 day ban
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→ Last: LordItachi on
15 November 2021 at 21:35
Ban appeal
Started by Cxrzy_ on 12 November 2021 at 3:55
So I joined the server right, and I’ll admit, I did try taking someone’s pick axe from their chest, but I put it back when I was warned. Then I went on an adventure and got some wood and tools. I dug down somewhere and thought maybe I’ll pretend to “lock on” to diamonds or smth, but I wasn’t actually cheating lol, I use badlion client so maybe that is cheating ? But I actually got to diamonds tho, and then got banned
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→ Last: LordItachi on
12 November 2021 at 23:51
i didint know i was griefing
read pls
Started by Mystic_epik on 24 September 2021 at 0:34
I had just joined the server and was looking for a big flat land to start out, I thought I had found the land but then when I started mining to start my build I was banned for griefing it turned out I was about 100 blocks away from the land I wanted to build on and thought the land I was mining was it :/ so yeah that's how that happened, sorry about that I didn't know, and I'd also like to apologize to the person who mined their property. Bro honestly I was so happy to start ...
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→ Last: LordItachi on
7 November 2021 at 15:23
I've been banned for greifing but I didn't break anything
Started by AtomicAmbrose on 19 September 2021 at 17:10
I joined last night and registered I was online and kept dying so I used a bed to set my spawn I was talking to multiple people about how I'm in JROTC and then I went to lobby and then I logged off I didn't break anything other than a tree and some stone that I made sure weren't anything important so I don't know what I could have done to be banned for greifing I don't know If you guys have death logs but you can check and see I died a bunch set my spawn then died a ...
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→ Last: LordItachi on
19 September 2021 at 18:10
Ban Appeal : Griefing
Ban Appeal : Griefing
Started by jmal77 on 10 September 2021 at 4:43
Spoke with Doc, he said to appeal the ban on here so am doing that now.

Long time player here, I came across something in central and thought it was part of an achievement or something due to the way it sounded. I feel it needs to be altered to read something pertaining to the ban and not to break due to the way it read. Anyways I broke a couple glass blocks looking into it, played heck trying to get out, then I repaired said glass blocks with no damage done. I've been here and spoke ...
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→ Last: jmal77 on
10 September 2021 at 20:43
i was x-raying and im sorry
Started by notjch on 26 August 2021 at 18:06
I want to start the game again, I am a more matured individual and I want the freshest start. Also i don't think I can download any mods with my computer so please forgive me, I wont do it again, thank you for taking time to read this.
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→ Last: LordItachi on
26 August 2021 at 19:48
Been unfairly baned
Pernimently baned for first strike
Started by Wollytgamer on 19 July 2021 at 18:38
I have grifed 1 time and then i read the server rules i thought becuase it was my first strike i will be baned for 3 days but then one of the people on discord had said and cheaked and told me i have been baned pernimently
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→ Last: Doctacosa on
17 August 2021 at 13:51
Banned for 3 days
Greifing to get out
Started by Mr.Pan_Pan on 29 July 2021 at 1:09
So I was in a railroad station in the server when I was banned for 3 days for greifing I tried to get out by destroying a fence idk if there was a exit or no but I couldn't find it plz unban
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→ Last: LordItachi on
29 July 2021 at 1:37
xray unban appeal
banned for xray but i wasnt using xray
Started by shinymelon. on 18 June 2021 at 2:13
I had just started the server and I got some wood to make tools, I always start my worlds by going mining and so i got my wood pickaxe and went for it. I was strip mining looking for a cave when i came by a patch of iron and someone who i assumed was a mod or admin asked if I was xraying and I obviously replied with "no" right after he asked if I were sure and I said I was positive. About 30 seconds later I'm still strip mining looking for a cave and I come by another patch of ...
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→ Last: LordItachi on
18 June 2021 at 20:25
Pls appeal my ban
Started by Gugalcrom123 on 14 June 2021 at 19:49
I was very new when I was banned. I didnt know what griefing means. I promise I will not do it. Please unban me.
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→ Last: Doctacosa on
15 June 2021 at 16:28
Locked itachi ban
Started by wyszeniega on 30 May 2021 at 19:55
i decided to come back to the server with my boyfriend after some time away, we spent a fair amount of time buildin, were always pretty friendly. after coming back, we found our whole based encased in a torches and campfires. my bf was running around and probably accidentally mined one with an axe. the whole time he was just confused and had no idea how it broke so quickly. itachi, of course, like a true reddit mod with fame going to his head, banned him for "lying about breaking it&quo ...
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→ Last: LordItachi on
30 May 2021 at 23:43
U probably won’t bother with this but I have an idea.
Started by Blackstar3098 on 16 May 2021 at 21:42
I know it was ages ago and I probably just seem like an immature person whining about being banned. But I had an idea. I was banned for grieving which I did not mean to do. My only defence was I didn’t mean to do it which was not really helpful. Anyways the whole point of bans is to keep the server nice for its main player base. I think that most people who I met who play liked me and some might actually miss me, so I thought perhaps you could put a poll to the public on the discord if I s ...
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→ Last: Doctacosa on
18 May 2021 at 22:46