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Location: Thonotassassa Florida
Birthday: 26 July 1981
Bio: Fascinated,into myself and my interests.Im into all action and violence entertainment everything from Anime to Military toys.Im into AD&D, Magic the gathering, Comics, Videogames, anything that there is that can display action and violence. My most favorite thing in action entertainment is Lat nams illusionists and their invincible Phantom warrior in Magic the gathering. My favorite music is gangsta guerrilla funk and murda musik, my favorite group and artists i like the most are bone thugs n harmony, flesh n bone, mo thugs, spice 1. I have personal real action warrior skills to, i am a guerrilla warfare sentry specialty and i do personal solo vigilante work if i can, I have a personal aka i call myself Shadow meaning invincible, other variations can be Shadowguerrilla, Shadowsentry and Shadowarrior, i served 2 days of advertised non military training(Non governmental) advertised in the windsor new york pennysaver durin gulf(second) in 95 and survived a training operation(used SAAB training equipment), i am an expert unarmed combatant I have a green belt taekwondo at sang lees academy vestal N.Y., a blue belt in washin ru at ymca, and do lots of self teaching also, i like the kevlar facemask the most for use with unarmed fighting and use it with the Pasgt combat helmet, somebody could wail on you in your face or nail you with a tire iron and you can keep comin after them, a class D security licsense, and bodybuild, i have 17 inch arms and a six pac. And last, i have a sexual fetish about wrestling. Heres a cool link to a website about one of my most favorite videogame genres.

And here is one to one of my favorite action movies since i was 5 and a half years old
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