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uncuthashbrown: Now just to let everyone know I have not played any of the Mega Man Gameboy title, just to give everybody a heads up. i was very familiar with the titles thanks to the knowledge of the Great Clement and the Mega Man knowledge Base. What a lot of people don't know, Mega Man V is a title in the infamous classic Mega Man franchise, but unlike the NES games, this game was released om the Gameboy in 1994, a year before the initial American release of Mega Man 7 in 1995

To make everyone clear, Mega Man V was said to be a predecessor for Mega Man V as it introduces a currency system and other cool weapons and a new friend that can add to Mega Man's arsenal. But let's not waste anytime and let's move on with the plot:

Since none of the NES titles apply to the Gameboy ones, i'll be simply using the plot that follows the previous four I'll simply go along with that. The only reason why I am reviewing this Gameboy title and not the others, it is mostly because this one stands out above all others and it has a decent a plot and setting that you can't help but enjoy: So, after Mega Man stops Dr. Wily once again, the world is finally at piece. rock and Roll are walking through some random ass field(because that's necessary) and some robot with long green hair shows up. Okay, first off, a few questions: Why the hell are Rock and Roll walking through the field in the fist place? It makes no sense why they would need to. Rock should be at the lab helping Dr. light and should be fucking cleaning. You know, DOING WHAT THEY WERE BUILT TO DO. Second, how does the robot even find them in the first place. They look like regular humans, so how the hell did he know that they were robots. Then again, we're talking about some extraterrestrial being and Earth robot, But i don't know, fuck it. the robot introduces himself as Terra and he confronts Mega Man. he then knocks the shit out of Mega Man and continuously mauls him. Mega Man almost gets killed. Mega man gets knocked out and random robots start attacking the city. is it me, or is the Mega Mn series starting to become very predictable. My question is: Does every Mega Man game have bosses that come in packages of eight? I mean come on?

Mega Man wakes up in Dr. light's lab and asks what the hell happened and who the new threat is. Dr. Light tells him that alien robots known as the "Stardroids" have started blowing the fuck out of everything and destroying earth. Dr. Light tells Mega man that his Mega Buster is rendered completely useless because they are from outer space and they are built differently with this super hard material that even the Mega Buster can't penetrate. that's pretty much what hew tells you. Since your Mega Buster can't do shit, Dr. Light gives you a new weapon called the Mega Arm which is a rocket fist that can pack a really powerful fucking punch. Another cool bonus is that Dr. Light has built Mega Man another robotic animal support unit "Tango whom you can purchase in the game's shop. If you boy Tango, when you enter a level he will do a Spin Dash attack and roll all across the floor of a stage.

Well, Mega Molecules, that's all i have time for today. Next time I will continue with the gameplay and move on with the plot. until next time, Mega Molecules

20 June 2016 at 20:12