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User number: 2488

Registered: August 7, 2004 at 2:34:55
Last active: November 14, 2004 at 18:53:32
Status: Inactive

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Location: Miami, Florida
Birthday: September 7, 1992
Bio: Kugwanger- in Australian myth, an intellegent creature who can throw its horn like a boomerang. The MegaMan X Maverick Boomer Kugwanger is based on.

Okay I got that from Wikipedia. I like many stuff, like cheesy sc-fi films from the 60s, like \"The X From Outer Space\" and more. I\'m cool, you\'re cool, were all cool! I like MegaMan, I get ticked by lotodragon, he jabs about Sonic, he should be in the Other Games forum. Well, HAPPY CRUST DAY!!!!!

Wanna know more more? PM me! \'tis the PMs you send are crap, I delete \'em, thy spammer, thou shall burn in the bowels of Hell!

-----Webmaster Of KirbyX-----
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