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Location: Somewhere between here and there.
Birthday: 9 February 1988
Bio: When the heart casts off the flesh, where does the body go?
Heart and soul are separate, and the spirit remains in the body. But can we assume that the leftover body and soul perish?
Certainly when the heart changes into a Heartless the body disappears.
However, that is only this world\'s story; in another world, mightn\'t they change forms like the Heartless and exist there?
If we take that to be the case, there must be a you other than yourself existing somewhere.
An existence neither of darkness nor of light.
An in-between existence.
Cast off by the heart, a mere shell, one who begrudges both the darkness and the light.
This mystery cannot be easily resolved.
The relationship between the heart and the flesh is a complex one.
But since we exist here, they cannot be termed as existent.
Therefore I shall call them...
"The non-existent ones."
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