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This page lists the top players and NetNavis in the game, as compared by their Skill Points (SP). This list is updated once every hour, and as such might not be 100% accurate to the current standings.

Aim for the top!

Member Score
1st  Arkane (Evangale.EXE) 4728
2nd  RisingDragon (WhiteGlint.EXE) 4584
3rd  The Helldragon (DragonMan.EXE) 4064
4th  Doctacosa (Unity.EXE) 3961
5th  J_Hibiki (Hakushin.EXE) 3882
6th  Morphman (Mewy.EXE) 2995
7th  Anonymous_SoFar (Nothing.EXE) 2705
8th  MediaKlepto (Sweet.EXE) 2507
9th  Sb20 (KARATE003号.EXE) 2502
10th  Juno (Juno.EXE) 2499
11th  ProtoStar (Tau.EXE) 2477
12th  WindRider739 (Error.EXE) 2422
13th  Langsley (Firestorm.EXE) 2409
14th  Sensei-Hanzo (Blaze.EXE) 2355
15th  Magic (Neku.EXE) 2322
16th  TopHat (Caapsu.EXE) 2319
17th  Phatman Dover (Atomsk.EXE) 2317
17th  Sage (UgandaKnuckles.EXE) 2317
19th  Oondivinezin (PaladinMan.EXE) 2302
19th  ring man77 (creative.EXE) 2302
21st  Daveris (WeatherMan.EXE) 2293
22nd  Zane Truesdale (Schatten.EXE) 2291
23rd  SPT Layzner (SPTLayzner.EXE) 2286
24th  Black Dranzer.exe (Black Dranzer.EXE) 2285
25th  MrGhostMark (Madness.EXE) 2281
26th  daylightnightmar (ChipGLitch.EXE) 2270
27th  Breakman (Cookie.EXE) 2268
28th  fin600 (MerMaiden.EXE) 2261
29th  quentinoday (.EXE) 2245
30th  ADeadlyFish (Fish.EXE) 2217