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Created on: February 23, 2008 at 22:24:59
Online time: 4115 days 3 hours 47 mins 35 secs

Gender: Female
Height: 170 cm
Element: None
Alignment: Normal

NetNavi emblem
Bio: Unity.EXE is a female NetNavi designed to manipulate data and communications easily, giving her operator an edge in his work domain (Web Development). Worldwide communications being a major component of our modern society, she has the ability to send and receive data wirelessly. That gives her an advantage when fetching data not available through conventional means. Unity was built to favor speed over strength, allowing her to process and get the appropriate information to it's destination quickly.

Her name itself, "Unity", is a reference to the whole Internet phenomenon: today, two different locations or persons can be closer than ever, even if situated at opposite points on Earth.

Buster: UnityBeam: The UnityBeam's charge shot is a weapon designed for a quick hit followed by a second strike. It works by emitting a large interference wave which damages the opponent and effectively paralyzes him for a few seconds. Unity.EXE can then use this opening to strike with a strong chip.
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Level: 32 [What's this?]
EXP: 81502 / 85092
HP: 372 / 372
SP: 6940

Battles won / lost: 76 / 10
Leaderboard rank: 1st with 0 SP
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