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Created on: February 24, 2008 at 2:00:04
Online time: 4262 days 7 hours 43 mins 27 secs

Gender: Male
Height: 215 cm
Element: Fire
Alignment: Normal

None available
Bio: DragonMan.EXE was originally programmed to direct a unit of Electopian NetPolice Navis responsible for busting wanted viruses and NetNavi criminals. After serving for nearly a decade, he chose to retire from the force and begin a new career as a historian and lecturer for network libraries. Despite his love for learning and his ability to recite some of the most obscure events from past wars, DragonMan hasn't forgotten how to NetBattle. In fact, that's often his preferred way to settle a debate...even an intellectual one.

Buster: Dragon Vulcan: DragonMan's arms shift into rapid-fire busters, and he unloads a full salvo at his opponent. After fully charging, his Dragon Vulcan can each launch a concussive blast of flame, blowing enemies away.
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Level: 27 [What's this?]
EXP: 51038 / 52932
HP: 218 / 218
SP: 4782

Battles won / lost: 81 / 11
Leaderboard rank: 1st with 0 SP
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