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Created on: April 28, 2013 at 6:03:30
Online time: 2460 days 22 hours 27 mins 7 secs

Gender: Male
Height: 173 cm
Element: Cursor
Alignment: Light

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Bio: Tau.EXE:
NetNavi Model 0.69a Limited Edition | Customized

Daedalus Asanari aka ProtoStar

(Main) Fusion Railgun
(Secondary) Summon Satellite Drones
(Special) Ion Feedback Storm

Tau.EXE was accidentally created during one of Daedalus' hobby expirements. At the time, the owner was attempting to simulate virtual reality by controlling a non-functional NetNavi he previously recovered and reprogrammed after exploring ancient sections of the internet. The expirement involved establishing a link directly between the NetNavi and potential user using a hand-made interface hooked up to the user's neural network. Once the link was established, Daedalus and his NetNavi fused together, resulting in the resurrection of the NetNavi while also sending a large amount of feedback towards Daedalus' mind, effectively causing a temporary coma.

Following recovery at the local hospital, Daedalus discovered that while although physically seperated, they share a constant telepathic link through the use of an older expirement of his; an implant attached to the back of his upper neck that provides wireless connectivity. This allowed Daedalus to participate in everyday life while also making use of the net without the need of terminals.

Due to their constant link to each other, Daedalus often jokingly refers to Tau.EXE as his additional conscience and tends to converse with it often throughout the day. Tau.EXE's revitalization effectively wiped out any previous personality it once had, so it began to emulate his owner after constant observation. This led to their sharing of thoughts and ideals concerning what is right and wrong, as well as their love for exploration and reasoning. Despite effectively becoming a new NetNavi, it still retains some of its past memories from its previous life. Both Tau.EXE and his owner prefer peaceful solutions to problems and act to help others, but they most often prefer to keep to themselves as they tend to be unsociable.

Tau.EXE assists Daedalus with his hobby of gathering and merging ancient and abandoned sections of the internet in order to create their own virtual "world". Often times, these ancient segments and incomplete data fragments combine to create some rather interesting and beautiful environments that share similarities with concept art of science fiction and photographs of space taken by the Hubble Telescope.

Buster: Fusion Railgun: The Fusion Railgun uses linear accelerator technology to project a single projectile composed of highly compressed fusion cores at hypervelocity. These fusion projectiles are known to explode into an array of intense light and energy upon impact, blinding nearby enemies of the impact zone and occasionally immobilizing the target.
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Level: 13 [What's this?]
EXP: 6043 / 6584
HP: 141 / 141
SP: 2591

Battles won / lost: 57 / 4
Leaderboard rank: 1st with 0 SP
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