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These are the rules that every user in the community is expected to follow. Offences are subjects to warnings, kicks or bans depending of the severity.

1- Family friendly
The community is opened to people of all ages, and there are kids among us. As such, please keep your language and attitude appropriate for everyone. This extends to your username, avatar and custom status when available.

2- Label NSFW content and spoilers
Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content must be limited to channels that allow it explicitly. This is for profanity or more risqué content. No nudity or related content will be tolerated anywhere. Likewise, use the spoiler syntax whenever possible and let people enjoy games, movies and television at their own pace.

3- No discussions on religion or politics
We're here to have fun and relax, and both religion and politics can be divisive topics. While having a chat on these can be interesting, keep it private or in designated areas.

4- No impersonations
It can be difficult online to really say who's who. Help everyone by not taking other someone else's username. If you're just making a joke, make sure to label it as such.

5- No spamming
Keep the discussions in the areas where they belong; avoid TYPING ALL IN CAPS - THAT'S YELLING; don't repeatedly post the same message over and over; give people a chance to reply. Joining only to advertise other places or services isn't tolerated either.

6- No ban evasion
If you believe you've been unjustly banned from in-game, you can appeal on the forums in the relevant area. Any attempts to come back with a second account will be promptly dealt with.

These apply in addition of our Terms of Use, which ban any harassement, discrimination, illegal content and more.

Forum note: Usernames, avatars and custom titles (under your name) must be family-friendly. You'll be contacted to change that, see them being forcibly changed or get banned, depending of the situation. To mark spoilers, use the [spoiler] tag like this: [spoiler]This is a spoiler![/spoiler].