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This really surprised me,I'm happy that Dash is on there and X being on there gets me excited. Its a good feeling to know that japan wants some new Dash games.

Heres the whole list

1. Sakura Taisen (aka Sakura Wars) 267 votes
2. Shenmue 249 votes
3. Okami 204 votes
4. Gotchaforce 189 votes
5. Xenogears 185 votes
6. Breath of Fire 180 votes
7. Rockman Dash (aka Mega Man Legends) 176 votes
8. Ogre Battle 174 votes
9. Chikyuu Boueigun (aka Earth Defence Force) 162 votes
10. Kowloon's Gate 151 votes
11. Shinobido 141 votes
12. Demon's Souls 123 votes
13. Rockman X (aka Mega Man X) 110 votes
14. Chrono 107 votes
15. Z.O.E 94 votes
16. Mother 92 votes
17. Romancing SaGa 90 votes
18. Senjou no Valkyria (aka Valkyria Chronicles) 87 votes
19. Justice Gakuen 82 votes
20. Medarot 81 votes
21. Subarashiki Kono Sekai (aka The World Ends With You) 79 votes
22. Shadow Hearts 77 votes
23. Ore no Shikabane o Koete Yuke 75 votes
24. Panzer Dragoon 72 votes
25. Baten Kaitos 69 votes
26. Infinite Undiscovery 65 votes
27. Lost Odyssey 65 votes
28. Wild Arms 64 votes
29. OZ 60 votes
30. Jet Set Radio 59 votes
31. Dewprism 58 votes
32. Ougon no Taiyou (aka Golden Sun) 57 votes
33. Another Century's Episode 56 votes
33. Estopolis Denki (aka Lufia) 56 votes
33. Fire Pro Wrestling Spike 56 votes
36. Biohazard Outbreak 55 votes
37. Eternal Arcadia (aka Skies of Arcadia) 54 votes
38. Shirokishi Monogatari: Inishie no Kodou (aka White Knight Chronicles) 51 votes
39. Panzer Front 50 votes
40. Seiken Densetsu 48 votes
41. Front Mission 46 votes
42. Grandia 43 votes
43. Arc The Lad 42 votes
44. Bullet Witch 41 votes
45. Racing Lagoon 39 votes
46. Drag-On Dragoon 37 votes
47. Panekit 36 votes
48. Metal Wolf Chaos 33 votes
49. Tokimeki Memorial 33 votes
50. Famicom Tantei Kurabu 30 votes



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What idiots voted Xenogears on there? Xenosaga basically is Xenogears 2, like it or not. And why Medarot/Medabots? Those games were nothing more than Pokemon rip-offs? That poll is way too small to warrant any serious consideration. For god's sake the 1st place only got 267 votes. Maybe when they just start ambushing thousands of people this will be credible, but there's just no way anyone will take this seriously?

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A Legends sequel won't happen, but don't worry-I'm disappointed that an Okami sequel won't happen again either.

Then again, Okami's good enough that a sequel might ruin it. Unfortunately, Legends got stuck with the cliffhanger.

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That's right, make another Breath of Fire Capcom!

..uhhh I totally mean Legends, man! (actually I like Legends that would be cool too)

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Wow, another BoF, Legends, and Ogre Battle...


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It beat Earthbound? Hub!


Shadow Hearts was listed as the 22nd most wanted sequel?

MY FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL TIME MAY COME BACK? favorite game is From the New World. God, I CAN'T WAIT!

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Yes, THAT Hardman. This is the new and improved one.

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I agree with the Breath of Fire to come back. Also Mega Man X, in the top 15, works with me.

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