A long time ago, I decided to FINALLY work on a project that I had in my head since I was 8.

The Heroic League. Crosses over with EVERYTHING, though I'm, in my terms, months behind. I'm a lazy bastard, it takes me about a month to do one whole chapter, and I had done 10 whole chapters, despite starting on it only a week before my 17th birthday (2009). It takes me a while to these stories, I'm trying to shove in about at least a thousand characters and give them equal screen time! It can get rather tiring.

Here is the link to the first chapter. I didn't edit it too well, and the first few chapters are the Mary-Sue'st chapters I've done. But I like my later chapters.

Enjoy, and review! I accept flames!


Yes, THAT Hardman. This is the new and improved one.