The first 5 pages of a new fan-fic I'm working on. Feedback welcome.


In the year 2028 Earth was finally at peace thanks to the efforts of the Commando Team, a powerful and mysterious group of four who fought tirelessly to defeat Scumocide and his followers, and since the day of his defeat they maintained harmony across the globe; their leader, Captain Commando, a tall man clad in a white three-piece suit with bleach blonde hair stood atop a forty story tall building and looked out at the recovering city.

“Two years have gone by since the fall of Scumocide and his gang of super-criminals.” He thought aloud in a deep voice. “But we’re still not even close to rebuilding what they destroyed.” The captain bowed his head solemnly, his visor-like sunglasses hiding the sadness in his eyes.
“All good things in time, my friend.” A male voice with a thin Japanese accent said from behind Captain Commando.
The captain spun around, his hands clenched in fists as he took a fighting stance. “Oh, Ginzu. I didn’t hear you approaching.”
Ginzu grinned under his mask, which showed only his eyes. “I wouldn’t be much of a ninja if you had.” He replied.
Captain chuckled lightly, his stance much more relaxed now. “I suppose that’s true.”
Ginzu moved to the edge of the building with his captain, and stared outward. “Tell me, Captain, why do you come here every evening? What is it you are looking for?”
Captain Commando followed the ninja with his eyes, and then finally turned back around to gaze at the city again. “Hope.”
The ninja turned his head and looked at his captain with a puzzled expression. “Hope?”
“When does a hero become a remnant, Ginzu?”
“A remnant?” He repeated in a whisper.
“When he’s no longer needed.” Captain Commando turned and started to walk away, his broad shoulders sagging ever so slightly.

As Ginzu watched his commander leave a strange and daunting entity began to form behind the ninja. Suddenly, a massive hand shot out of the black and purple sphere, reaching for Ginzu. The ninja sensed the danger, but only an instant too late. As he turned to face the hand it gripped his body, and a terrible, low and gravelly voice echoed from within the sphere.
“You’re coming with me.” The voice stated, and Ginzu shouted in pain.
Captain Commando spun around, his eyes wide in horror. ~That hand…~ He thought to himself. “Ginzu!” He yelled as he charged toward his ally. He threw the black sunglasses off of his face and pulled a strange pair of red goggle-like glasses out of his pocket. He placed them on his face and then prismatic light shot down from above and started to engulf his body as he ran to help Ginzu. As the light quickly faded Captain Commando’s blue and white armor was revealed. The captain jumped into the air, aimed his Energy Glove at the hand, and shot a stream of fire at it just as it retracted into the sphere, which vanished in under a second. The flames never even touched the hand, and now Ginzu was gone. Captain Commando’s boots thudded against the rooftop as he landed, his face filled with shock and fear. “NO!!” He screamed, now only trembling in anger. “Scumocide.” He breathed with a vast hatred in his tone. “You snake. You had us all fooled, even me.” He thought aloud, and then turned and ran the other way. ~But you made a big mistake today, you scum. You mess with one member of the Commando Team and you mess with all of us!~

Moments later in the C-Team’s secret base, Captain Commando came in to find yet another sphere hovering in the center of the room. His eyes darted around, quickly realizing there had been a struggle. The place was trashed, and one of Mack’s knives was lying on the floor only a yard in front of him.

“Oh no… Mack. They got you, too.” He said quietly, and then moved deeper into the room to search for clues.
“We got them all, Captain, and you’re next!” A voice shouted from an unseen position, and then a purple armored man came walking out of the shadows, his red eyes shining in the darkness that his helmet created.
“Who the heck are you, one of Scumocide’s lackeys?” Captain said angrily, not recognizing the mechanically armored man. The goggles Captain wore quickly examined the large cannon on the man’s shoulder, and tried to give the commando some stats, but the technology was entirely too alien. They also tried matching his appearance to any known criminals, but they drew a blank. ~Who is this guy? Why can’t my goggles identify his weaponry?~
“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vile, and I am most certainly no one’s lackey.” The reploid now identified as Vile aimed the cannon with his hand, and smirked. “Now, you have a choice to make, Cap. You can come with me of your own free will, or I can turn you into scrap with this big cannon.”
Captain Commando flexed his arm muscles, and electricity surged around his body briefly. “I’d like to see you try.”
“I hoped you’d say that.” A big blast issued from Vile’s cannon, which the commando dodged with ease by rolling to the side.
“Captain Cannon!” He shouted as he shot a stream of fire at Vile’s face. The villain yelled in pain, and quickly turned away from the flames. Cap took this opportunity to get close to his foe and do some real damage. His big fists flew with such force and speed that he actually dented the reploid’s armor, and to finish the combo he performed a back-flip-kick, landing the villain on his back.
“I’m not through yet!” Vile yelled confidently as the captain came in to finish him. Another blast came from his cannon, sending Captain Commando flying backward. The Maverick got to his feet, his cannon revving.
Just when the captain stood back up he found himself dodging rapid fire from Vile’s gun. He ran about halfway around the room, up a wall, and jumped off toward Vile, the lasers trailing him all the while. With another blast of fire from his Energy Gloves to Vile’s face he floored the villain again.
“Uhg…” Vile let out a grunt of agony as he lied nearly helpless before Cap and his glowing gloves. “How? I am one of the most feared Mavericks in history! Who are you?”
“I am… Captain Commando!” He replied proudly, and then raised a fist into the air. “And this is my city!” He exclaimed as he smashed his sparking fist into the ground, causing a tower of electricity to erupt around him, which blasted Vile back into the sphere.

As the sphere closed Captain Commando heard five notes being whistled, and then a red armored boy appeared to the right of him. Simply due to the somewhat similar armor the kid wore Captain assumed this boy was linked to Vile. True, he was considerably shorter, and his armor didn’t look as advanced, but these two individuals were the only ones Cap had ever seen wear such things. So, naturally he took his fighting stance and got ready to attack.

“Looks like I got here too late. Dang it.”
“You have five seconds to explain who you are and why you’re here before I pound you into the floor.”
“Huh?” The boy was startled by this. He turned and saw Cap towering over him, and his eyes widened under his visor-like sunglasses, which were attached to his helmet. “Take it easy, big guy. My name is Proto Man, and I’m here to help.”
“So you’re not with Vile?” He asked, obviously suspicious.
“So he was here…” He said lowly. “No, I’m not. I’m actually trying to stop him, but it seems I didn’t get here soon enough.”
“You know a lot more than you’re telling, boy. What’s going on here?” He demanded, his anger still boiling from the loss of his friends.
“I’ll tell you what I know, but I’m not sure I have the full picture yet.” Proto Man started. “I live in a dimension and time where the wars are not fought by men, they are fought by robots. I was one such robot, as was my brother, Mega Man. We battled countless times against those who would seek to take over the world for their own selfish reasons. But then…” The robot paused for a short moment, thinking back to the day he spoke of. “One day a strange sphere appeared in the sky, and poured out villains of the likes I had never seen. Reploids, highly advanced robots, came to take over our world along with superhumans and evil robots of the past. They took our sister, and said that if Mega Man tried anything they would kill her. So, now it’s up to me. I followed one of the leaders, Vile, to this location using a device made by my creator, Dr. Light. However, it’s running low on power, and I’ll need to return to my world to recharge it.”
“So let me get this straight, you’re world is being taken over by inter-dimensional villains, which you’re trying to fight, and you tracked them to my world?”
“Yes. I believe they’re going to attempt to do the same thing to your world… Uhm…”
“Friends call me Cap.” He said as he extended a hand in greeting.
“Friends call me Blues.” Proto Man replied as he shook hands with Cap. “Well, Cap, you look like you’re a pretty tough guy. Think you’d be up to lending me a hand?”
“Those snakes took my team mates, so you better believe I’m going to do everything I can to get them back.”
“Your team mates?” Proto Man repeated, obviously a bit confused.
“The Commando Team.” He replied flatly.
“Wait! You’re a member of the Commando Team?”
“I’m more than that, I’m their Captain.”
“So Cap is short for…” He started slowly.
“Captain Commando. By the way, Proto Man, how do you know about us?”
“When I arrived in this world I made it a priority to find allies. The Commando Team sounded like the strongest good-guys around, so I was going to come find you on my way to locate Vile.”
“Well, you found one of us. Now, how about we go catch us some bad-guys?”
Proto Man grinned, and then turned his shielded back to Cap. “Hold onto my shield… And hold on tight.” Once Cap gripped the shield Blues teleported them both out of 2028, and into his dimension in the year 20XX.