I don't know if I posted this in the right forums, so here goes...

As the title says, I need ideas for weapons for a Mega Man fan game I'm working on currently. It is in NES format as accurately as I can possibly get it, to the point it even has sprite flicker and slow down if too many sprites are on the screen at once.

Mega Man and Bass are playable characters and each have 8 secondary weapons they pick up in the stages alongside the master weapons they get for defeating a robot master. A friend and I have already come up with all 16 for Mega Man but Bass still needs 6 more secondary weapons. If anyone could toss out ideas that are feasible, please help. You will of course be listed in the credits and the more weapons you come up with, the better.

As for the progress of it? Ghost Man's stage is almost nearly completed, it just needs one more original enemy. I need to implement all the weapons however before I can move on to working on another stage, so any ideas are greatly appreciated.