Back when I started programming on a professional level, at my first job, I was assigned to make modifications and additions to the internal production systems. The set of tools and scripts was powered by 80 database tables, which was a huge amount for me at the time.

Fast forward a few years later, when I first created IOBoard to replace the previous board. Designing and writing this software took some time, and when I presented you with 1.0, it used about 20 tables to run properly. That number changed over time, of course, as I reorganized things and added new options to the board.

Today, I've created an extra database table while working on a new feature. This brings the number of tables available to 60. 60, three-quarters of the way to that 80 tables used at my first programming job! Not bad for someone working on this all alone, I'll say! Most of these tables are currently in-use, while others have been created for upcoming updates and are working on my test setup only.

Maybe you don't care about all this, but I find it fasinating how something can evolve so much over time!

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