At Hell's request, I'm introducing today a dice roller!

The dice roller's purpose is to allow you to roll one or several dice, get a result, and include the results in a post. This is handy if you're doing a text-based story and need to roll a d20 to determine the outcome of a move, for example.

To bring up the dice roller, hit the dice button (Image) among the BBCode icons above the posting form. A small window will open, allowing you to determine which dice you want to throw. You can include multiple copies of the same die, or ones with a different number of sides (for example, 2x d20 followed by a d12). Once the "Roll!" button is hit, the results will be displayed. Each die throw includes a BBCode version, which you can copy & paste to include in your post at the appropriate location. As a demonstration, I rolled a d20 and scored a 17, which gives the following result:

d20 : 17

This tool is available on any forums, although I'm making this topic specifically here as the RPG players are the ones most likely to have a need for it!

If you have requests for this tool, don't hesitate to ask and I'll see what I can do. :)

P.S.: You might need to reload this page to get the BBCode display and button to work properly.

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