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Topic: The Mine Chest, Monthly Minecraft goodies to your door

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Posted on October 28, 2015 at 2:13:45 [Post link]

Okay, so, this is a thing now. (Mojang news post)

For $30 + shipping every month, you get a box filled with Minecraft merchandise. T-shirts, figures, foam tools and similar stuff are to be expected. It's brand new, so we don't have a model box as a reference just yet.

On my end, that'd be $30 + $15 shipping, so $45 a month to get random Minecraft items.

I know that things like Loot Crate have been running for a while, but I don't get it. If I want to buy merchandise available online or in stores, I'll go get what I'm interested in instead of paying for a mixed bag of maybe-I'll-like-this items. At best, I get some rare-ish items on the cheap. At worst, which I find to be more likely, I'm stuck with several things that I don't care about. What do I do with all the extras? Give them away? Sell them? It seems like more of a hassle than anything else...

Any thoughts on this?

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Posted on October 31, 2015 at 19:18:27 [Post link]

I think it's for uber geeks who want anything geeky, lazy geeks who want cool swag but don't know where to look, and people just wanting stuff for slightly cheaper than buying it individually.

A show I watch on youtube has lootcrate for a sponsor and they will every once in a while go over the stuff they got in the latest lootcrate. There's been some neat stuff for sure, but it doesn't fit my modus operandi.


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