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External: Mega Man 1 to 6 coming to iOS and Android, Update by Dr. Cossack

Two short days after Mega Man's 19th anniversary comes the news that the first six games in the original series will be released to iOS and Android soon. No set release date is available yet, but interested players can pre-register to be notified whenever that happens!

UPDATE: The games will be launching next month, in January. A first trailer is now available.

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Posted on December 27, 2016 at 15:00:07 [Post link]

Hm... Maybe I'll use that $10 credit I got from Fi on christmas.

EDIT: They got released, 1.99 apiece.

Judging by the reviews... They're horrible and unplayable! Sound glitches, poor framerate (4-20fps by reviews), suck controls, no gamepad options... That's the stuff capcom, keep doing what you do.

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