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26 June 2017 - By Doctacosa
Early last month, I added a Discord server linked with the chat in use at the Creeper's Lab. It has since been expanded to cover the entire network and its multiple topics, and I'm inviting you to join it today!

For those of you not familiar with Discord, it's a chat client growing in popularity in several gaming communities. Much like IRC, you can connect to various servers, chat in global rooms, private message people, and more. On top of that, you can also voice chat with others, making it a simple-to-use option for those looking to talk out loud, possibly while being engaged in a game. You can download the computer client, mobile apps, or simply learn more on the Discord website. Once you have it installed, hit the big + button at the left to add a server, select join, and enter the following address:

Here's a list of the main channels we already have:

Linked with the in-game chat of the Creeper's Lab, this is where Minecraft players can chat with each other about everything and nothing. This also connects to our IRC channel.

Linked with the in-game chat of the Avian's Lab, our Starbound players can share their adventures with each other.

The generic channel to talk about anything related to the network as a whole, and to give suggestions and comments.

You want to game with friendly, familiar faces in a different setting than what is available on the servers that we manage? Check out some possible games off-site, ask questions about them or just exchange in general.

For when you feel naughty naughty and have the need to share. Viewer discretion is advised. This doesn't mean that anything goes: we still expect people to not go overboard.

Feel free to drop by to say hello!

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