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What is the best game you can think of that is weird to be considered an awesome or great game? Could a random game written by a random guy also qualify on this list? I don't know.

My game is Commander Keen. It is meant as a math game, you have to collect cards for math reasons, but the game is a plat former, and for PC with no emulator and the year's 2002 it is good enough in itself to have a plat former in your "500 PC games" list. But it also has a level map like Super Mario World so you don't have to be annoyed or bored because of linear levels, and you get to jump around on a logo stick so it's fun bouncing around. I played that game often and compared it to the original Duke Nukem.

As for that "random guy" games which I don't know if they fit the category or not, check out "Pokémon Generation 0". It's awesome in the game of laughing NPC statements or info boxes. I think it might be finished by now.

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Lil' metool
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The first game which comes to my mind is Penumbra. The boomers will still remember this. It's a very old one and I still have it on CD, through other old games which I used to play back in the days. Right now, though, World of Warcraft is my number one, I've been playing it for so much time, feels like I grew up on it. I have so many characters, that to keep their gear on max level, I take some boosts to get all the items which I need, because the lfg system still needs some improvements.