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External: Status of the 1.14 update, Update by Doctacosa

I've started the update process for 1.14 and performed a dry run to see how the new version will work with our current setup. Unfortunately, a major complication has shown up: the plugin that's currently in place to track the player statistics is not compatible with 1.14 and its author has abandoned it. While it would be possible to move forward without it, it's tied to a lot of systems: achievements, player profiles, griefing tracking, and more. Considering that the achievements and other features are staples of the Creeper's Lab, I prefer to delay the update rather to do without. Even by discarding it, we wouldn't be able to upgrade today as other key features like DynMap are awaiting their own updates.

What I'll do is to write a new stats tracking plugin from scratch, tuned for our uses, while migrating the current data to ensure that your progress is saved during the transition. This will also give me a stable base upon which I'll build new features to be revealed later. Considering the amount and complexity of the work involved, this is likely to take at least a few weeks to do properly.

I appreciate your patience in this, such steps are necessary once in a while to ensure that we can keep the same worlds going into the future!

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Posted on May 18, 2019 at 2:15:06 [Post link]

fyi -

Is showing us as "Server Version: [1.14.1]"

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Posted on May 21, 2019 at 0:10:04 [Post link]

Good catch! I set the version numbers manually on the lists, but some of them try to auto-detect what we support and override what I enter.

I've set it back to 1.13.2, here's hoping it sticks for a little while!

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