1.14 Science Item Update Changelog

For anyone out of the loop, 1.14 had some changes to the background of how minecraft works/processes commands, leading us to have to go through most (if not all) the science areas and items and update them to the new formatting.

Because of this, we took the opportunity to re-balance and improve on many of the past items around the areas, especially earlier items.

The following are all items changed during this update; if you owned any of these items prior to 1.14, please visit the Science Workshop in the basement of the Post Office (at the Creeper Citadel) and have your items updated!

The End:
Shock Arrow
Dragon Soul
Dragon's Blood

Hunter's Lodge:
Krampus Skull
Mask of Syrup
Fire Armor Set
Ice Armor Set
Earth Armor Set
Web Armor Set
Flame Armor Set
Frost Armor Set
Mountain Armor Set
Spider Armor Set
Flame Blade
Frost Axe
Mountain Edge
Spider Shot
Wildfire Armor Set
Glacier Armor Set
Earthquake Armor Set
Ender Armor Set
Wildfire Blade
Earthquake Edge
Glacier Axe
Ender Shot
Wings of Hades
Elder Dragon Fang
Poseidon Boots
Mythical Lake Gourd
Totem of the Undead
Woodsman's Axe
Pharaoh's Khopesh
Evil Mage Wand
Bone Greaves
Bronze Armor

Lost Woods:
Hylian Travel Bag
Pegasus Boots
Wand of Light
Purple Potion
Moon Dew
Bow of the Hero
Majora's Mask
Prehistoric Barbarian Skull
Prehistoric Barbarian Pelt
Prehistoric Barbarian Cloth
Prehistoric Barbarian Moccasin
White Sword
Magic Sword
West Pumpkey
East Pumpkey
North Pumpkey
South Pumpkey
Center Pumpkey
Arrow of Misfortune
Lens of Truth
Ancient Hammer
Darknut Helm
Darknut Plate
Darknut Mail
Darknut Boots
Darknut Blade
Darknut Shield
Head of the Host
Master Sword
Mantle of Frost
Dragon Fang
Hylian Bow
Magic Bow
Fairy in a Bottle
Sorcerer's Boots
Old Spellbook
Enchanted Feather
Dark Arrow
Enchanted Sea Gourd
Staff of the Forest
Light Arrow
Goronite Helm
Goronite Plate
Goronite Bracers
Goronite Boots
Inferno Ruby
Arrow of Power
Arrow of Wisdom
Arrow of Courage
Ocean Trencher
Zoronite Plate
Zoronite Bracers
Zoronite Boots
Greater Ice Arrow
Greater Water Arrow
Greater Fire Arrow
Tide Sapphire
Old Helmet
Old Chestplate
Old Leggings
Old Boots
Old Sword
Old Shield
Old Wooden Bow
Forest Headpiece
Forest Tunic
Forest Trousers
Forest Boots
Poison Arrow
Greater Light Arrow
Greater Dark Arrow
Greater Arrow of Power
Greater Arrow of Wisdom
Greater Arrow of Courage
Hero of the Woods Certificate
Dark Beast Ganon Mask
Forest Jade
Iron Knuckle Helm
Iron Knuckle Plate
Iron Knuckle Mail
Iron Knuckle Boots
Iron Knuckle Blade
Iron Knuckle Shield
Royal Iron Knuckle Helm
Royal Iron Knuckle Plate
Royal Iron Knuckle Mail
Royal Iron Knuckle Boots
Royal Iron Knuckle Blade
Royal Iron Knuckle Shield
Hylian Shield
Greater Arrow of Healing
Bow of Light
Flame Blade
Rusted Crown of Hyrule
Ancient Knight Helm
Ancient Knight Plate
Ancient Knight Mail
Ancient Knight Boots
Ancient Knight Blade
Greater Arrow of Poison
Royal Guard Helm
Royal Guard Plate
Royal Guard Mail
Royal Guard Boots
Royal Guard Blade
Royal Guard Axe
Knight's Claymore
Knight's Battle Axe
Fierce Deity Sword
Ancient Hylian Banner
Goddess Shard Alpha
Goddess Shard Delta

Shard of Ahrim
Shard of Dharok
Shard of Guthan
Shard of Torag
Shard of Akrisae
Shard of Linza
Shard of Verac
Shard of Karil
Ahrim's Hood
Ahrim's Top
Ahrim's Leggings
Ahrim's Boots
Ahrim's Wand
Ahrim's Tome of Magic
Dharok's Helm
Dharok's Platebody
Dharok's Platelegs
Dharok's Plateboots
Dharok's Greataxe
Guthan's Helm
Guthan's Platebody
Guthan's Chainskirt
Guthan's Plateboots
Guthan's Warspear
Torag's Helm
Torag's Platebody
Torag's Platelegs
Torag's Plateboots
Torag's Hammer
Off-Hand Torag's Hammer
Akrisae's Hood
Akrisae's Top
Akrisae's Leggings
Akrisae's Boots
Akrisae's War Mace
Linza's Helm
Linza's Cuirass
Linza's Greaves
Linza's Sabatons
Linza's Hammer
Linza's Shield
Verac's Helm
Verac's Brassard
Verac's Plateskirt
Verac's Plateboots
Verac's Flail
Karil's Coif
Karil's Top
Karil's Leggings
Karil's Greaves
Karil's Crossbow
Cosmetic Barrows Chestpiece
Cosmetic Barrows Leggings
Cosmetic Barrows Boots
Nomad Mask
Forest Spirit Skull
Forest Spirit Chestplate
Forest Spirit Greaves
Forest Spirit Boots
Elder Leshen Mask
Leshen Totem
Soul Mage Staff
Soul Obelisk

Elder Lich Helmet
Elder Lich Chestplate
Elder Lich Greaves
Elder Lich Boots
Tuska Hide
Tuska Shard
Warpriest of Tuska Helm
Warpriest of Tuska Cuirass
Warpriest of Tuska Greaves
Warpriest of Tuska Boots
Warpriest of Tuska Shield
Warpriest of Saradomin Helm
Warpriest of Saradomin Cuirass
Warpriest of Saradomin Greaves
Warpriest of Saradomin Boots
Warpriest of Saradomin Shield
Warpriest of Zamorak Helm
Warpriest of Zamorak Cuirass
Warpriest of Zamorak Greaves
Warpriest of Zamorak Boots
Warpriest of Zamorak Shield
Warpriest of Armadyl Helm
Warpriest of Armadyl Cuirass
Warpriest of Armadyl Greaves
Warpriest of Armadyl Boots
Warpriest of Armadyl Shield
Warpriest of Bandos Helm
Warpriest of Bandos Cuirass
Warpriest of Bandos Greaves
Warpriest of Bandos Boots
Warpriest of Bandos Shield
Smoke Arrow
Blood Arrow
Ancient Ceremonial Mask
Ancient Ceremonial Top
Ancient Ceremonial Legs
Ancient Ceremonial Boots
Nex Mask
Zaryte Bow
Frozen Key Half(Order and Chaos)
Frozen Key Half(Justice and War)
Godsword Pommel
Godsword Grip
Godsword Blade
Godsword Handle
Saradomin Godsword Hilt
Zamorak Godsword Hilt
Bandos Godsword Hilt
Armadyl Godsword Hilt
Saradomin Godsword Blade
Zamorak Godsword Blade
Bandos Godsword Blade
Armadyl Godsword Blade
Key to the Encampment
Key to the Fortress
Key to the Eyrie
Key to the Stronghold
Saradomin Godsword
Zamorak Godsword
Bandos Godsword
Armadyl Godsword

Shattered Sands:
Demon Shard
Dragonic Orb
Elder Demon Helmet
Elder Demon Chestplate
Elder Demon Greaves
Elder Demon Boots
Soul Edge
Gold Warpriest Helm
Gold Warpriest Cuirass
Gold Warpriest Greaves
Gold Warpriest Boots
Dragon Sword
Dragon Axe
Dragon Lance
Wand of Cywin Elders
Zamorak Godshield
Seren Godbow
Zaros Godsword
Sliske Staff
Anima Core Helm of Sliske
Anima Core Body of Sliske
Anima Core Legs of Sliske
Anima Core Boots of Sliske
Anima Core Helm of Zamorak
Anima Core Body of Zamorak
Anima Core Legs of Zamorak
Anima Core Boots of Zamorak
Anima Core Helm of Seren
Anima Core Body of Seren
Anima Core Legs of Seren
Anima Core Boots of Seren
Anima Core Helm of Zaros
Anima Core Body of Zaros
Anima Core Legs of Zaros
Anima Core Boots of Zaros

Shoals of the Departed:
Armageddon Blade
Maul of Omens
Abyssal Shard

All Horsemen Areas:
White Anguish
Bleak Tranquility
Black Mercy
Earth Reaver