Ahh, April 1st. Many of you apparently don't keep a close eye on the calendar, and as such, you risk surprises! Taking place this year:

  • The forums were upgraded to a brand new version, 2.0!
  • The lobby's water was all replaced with lava.
  • Many of the lobby's teleporters were moved around.
  • The Creeper's Lab's website reverted to an older design!
  • Discord gained a permanent new message mark on it. This one really bugged people.

The biggest piece in all this was the forum upgrade, which had been under works for years. In January, I decided that I might as well make a push and have it available on April first, confusing some people as to whether this was a real upgrade or not. Well, it is! For more information on this one (it's a biggie), see the latest announcement.

I had something planned to happen in the survival servers, but I noticed at the last minute a game breaking bug that meant I had to skip that part. I still felt that I had enough to work with, anyway!

Now, for some numbers:

  • This was our second busiest day in the past month!
  • 64 deaths by lava occurred today!
  • I've seen 13 people get fooled by Discord's "new message" indicator, but I know it got many more!
  • USS Voyager sightings. I still don't have a working world editor for that one.

Yesterday also marked the anniversary of the forum game, Cyber Grid, which I've temporarily pulled offline so it can be rebuilt to the new standards. I've posted a status update in the Game Log about the game's future; if you're interested, please give it a read and share your thoughts!

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