Horsemen Quests are the main source of Horsemen Points - a currency used to buy relics related to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

These relics can be found from a vendor in each of the Four Horsemen science areas and from Death's Office;


accessible from the small floating hut, at the Citadel near the island which this book originates from, or also in the Trans Hub, located in Central (located to the right directly out of the spawn platform).

For an example of these relics, see here, "Horseman Artifacts - Grand Abominations of the Nephilim"

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Horsemen Points can be earned either from the monthly quests posted on the Horsemen Island at the Citadel (located where this book originates) or from the permanent quest boards at each of the Horsemen Castles, near the nether portals.


The monthly quests and the permanent quests can each be claimed only once a month per player. Player alts will not be awarded points if the main account was already awarded for the quest.

Horsemen Points can sometimes be earned via special server events, such as a Halloween event.

There are two types of monthly quests: combat and non-combat.

Combat quests involve defeating and bringing back drops from the specific Horsemen Science Areas. These quests typically involve a mob or type of mob native to that Horseman's Area.

Non-combat quests involve bringing back a large amount of a specific material to the requesting Horseman.

Permanent quests do not change and are usually involved with more difficult combat quests.

The current Horsemen of the Apocalypse player names are listed on the monthly quest boards where this book originates.


It is usually best to have completed up to and including that Horseman's Area before attempting the Horseman Quests for that area.

It is recommended to complete the Horsemen Areas in order of difficulty, as items and equipment from the previous areas will assist in completion of the next area.

Associated Horsemen and order of areas according to difficulty are:

1. Famine – Wychwood

2. Conquest – Snowhead

3. War - Shattered Sands

4. Death - Shoals of the Departed

5. Frank - Isle of Insanity

When turning in a Horseman Quest, deposit the items in question into the respective collection area on the Horsemen Island in the Citadel.


This is done by giving a shulker(s) with your player name on it, and then contacting the respective Horseman; either in-game or on discord.


To get the shulker(s) back, make sure you have a mailbox in the Citadel’s Post Office, which can be found by following the pathway up to the main island from the Citadel button, making a left by the Moose statues, and making a left where a sign says Post Office).


NOTE: It is up to you (the player) to initiate contact with the Horseman to ensure the point(s) is(are) delivered before the month changes over.