I took the time create a set of XMPP/Jabber MUCs (Multi-User Chats aka Chatrooms) and linked them up with the Discord channels with a matterbridge bot.

Anyone is welcome to join!

Rules are the same as the Discord side. Some rooms are Discord exclusive (creeperslab & nsfw-slabafterdark). This is for people that prefer not to use Discord for one reason or another. You can also join from Matrix.

XMPP: interordi@conference.jabbering-queer.net
Matrix: #_bifrost_interordi_jabbering-queer.net:aria-net.org

That link will take you to the main chatroom. The subject contains the rules. Read through the rules to find the links to the other MUCs.

EDIT: I setup my own XMPP/Jabber instance at jabbering-queer.net and moved the rooms over. You can join it from any XMPP/Jabber instance. If you want an account on my instance, message me here or one of the ways below

XMPP: quinn64@jabbering-queer.net
Matrix: @_bifrost_quinn64=40jabbering-queer.net:aria-net.org
Email: quinn64@mailbox.org

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