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Chat improvements, Update by Doctacosa

I have pushed online today a set of improvements to one of the most visible elements of our community: the chat system!

Many of you that are active on Discord will be familiar with its syntax to add styling to your messages. This specific syntax is called Markdown, and I'm happy to announce that part of it is now also supported in-game! People within Minecraft will see it as well as those watching from Discord.

  • **bold** for bold text
  • *italic* or _italic_ for italics
  • __underline__ for underlined text
  • ~~strikethrough~~ for striken out text
  • ||spoiler|| to add spoilers

To view the content of spoiler text, in Discord, click on the black box that appears. In-game, mouseover the content with your cursor to reveal it! Unfortunately, this doesn't work for Bedrock players.

I've also used this opportunity to fix several issues related to the in-game display:

  • When someone is pinged, their Discord name will appear instead of their numeric ID.
  • Custom emojis typed from in-game will display on Discord as expected.
  • CaPiTaLiZaTiOn on emojis shouldn't matter anymore.

I hope you will make the best of these improvements!

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