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Now present on the Fediverse!, Update by Doctacosa

The Creeper's Lab takes another step online, with our news now available through the Fediverse. If you're looking for a new social media home, this could be for you!

Horsemen Acolytes and candidates, read on for some information relevant to you.

The Interordi network, which the Creeper's Lab is a part of, has launched its own Misskey instance as part of the wider Fediverse! This is a new extension of our online presence, which is open to new registrations. If you're curious and want more information on this, I invite you to read the quick start guide.

If you're active somewhere on the Fediverse, which includes Mastodon, Misskey and others, follow to get the latest news and updates. The account is actively monitored and ready to engage with you!

Horsemen Acolytes and candidates, this is another platform where you can tag us to earn Acolyte Tokens! Simply tag in a post, and tell us your in-game name if it's not obvious. This joins other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter where you can write a public post and tag @CreepersLab to earn a monthly token. Tell your friends about us, send us pictures of your builds, or just say hello! A single tag per month will give you a token, no matter on which platform it was done.

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