Another year, another April 1st. :) . As usual nowadays, I scatter a few things all around so that as many people as possible can catch at least one.

This time:

  • The logo and name of the Discord server was replaced with the ubiquitous Microsoft Copilot.
  • These forums and the Creeper's Lab website suffered from lights out: you needed to mouseover a spotlight to see much of anything.
  • The lobby was plunged in deep darkness, with mobs getting turned on.
  • Laurasia and Rodinia offered random challenges once in a while.

Man did that Copilot logo trigger several people!

The challenges in Laurasia and Rodinia didn't see much activity, unfortunately. In order to have some competition, I programmed them to trigger when at least three players were online on a server. However, the mix of a quieter day plus the players being scattered all around the network meant that it didn't happen often.

You missed them? They'll stay live on both servers for the rest of the month, although less frequently. Let's see what you can do with them! No prizes, just bragging rights.

Now, for some numbers:

  • It took all of 5 minutes for someone to complain to me about the Discord logo!
  • Thankfully, we've lost no Discord users over it!
  • Only 1 player completed any of the random challenges. Exodio!
  • He successfully did 2 of these, both in Laurasia.
  • Several people thought to look for Voyager. It was out there!
  • Apparently, none found it!

Now, back to normal... whatever that is. ;)

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