By Mega Boy
Version 4.0 (Final version) - November 22nd 2001
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Why a HTML version, you ask? This guide could use a LOT of cross-referencing!
In nano-seconds, you can find information about Battle Chips or enemies,
where to find them and their stats.
Save this file on your computer for offline browsing.

This guide can be used for either Rockman EXE or MegaMan Battle Network.
Read at least sections 11 to 14 before asking me any questions,
but if you ask me obvious questions that are already answered here, I will ignore them.
Check also if you have the last version of this guide,
new information you want could be there.

This guide should be used to find out "where to find what" in the game.
There is also a small walkthrough at the end to help you if you ever get stuck.
This guide is not much into the story's game, because I don't want to spoil anything.

Note: Most of the data found in this guide was taken from a Japanese guide I bought.
I haven't done any of the work, aside from the translation.

You can use this guide whether you have the Japanese or American version.
If the names has been changed in the American version, the Japanese names
will be shown in "square brackets": [].

Also, as for the enemy names, I used the name of the chip they give
instead of their real japanese names. That way, it's easier to recognize them.

V 2.0 Updates:
- Added Battle Chip Perfect Data section.
- Added Enemy Perfect Data section.
- Added Map of the Internet Areas.
- Added a special thanks at the end of the guide.
- Did small corrections not worth mentionning.

V 3.0 Updates:
- Added Battle System section.
- Added FAQ section.
- Added Cleaning section.
- Added effects of Combos.
- Added the conditions for entering some Internet areas.
- Added the appearances of the enemies in the Enemy Data section.
- Converted some Japanese names to English.
- Cleaned the walkthrough a little.
- Corrected a few things I hadn't noticed in version 2.

V 4.0 Updates:
- Converted the remaining Japanese names to English.
- Changed the Real-world locations section altogether.
- Added scenario 6 info and other things in the FAQ section.
- Expanded the Items list
- Added maps! (Check the link above) - Corrected many things here and there.

V 4.1 Updates:
- Mye-mail has changed! (
- Corrected many things here and there.


1- Battle system
2- Characters
3- Real-world locations
4- Virtual locations
5- Internet areas
6- Shops
7- Exchanges
8- Battle Chips
8a- Battle Chip Perfect Data
9- Combos
10- Enemy Data
10a- Enemy Perfect Data
11- Busting Level
12- Chip Trader machines
13- Walkthrough
14- Final hints
- Menu
- Cleaning Chip Folder
- Important Items

The battle system may be confusing at first, but it becomes natural in no time.

When you enter a battle, you are on a field of squares. The 3x3 square grid on the
left is your area and the 3x3 square grid area on the right is the enemies' area.
A window will appear showing 5 random
Battle Chips from your deck.
There are two ways to choose your Battle Chips:
1- You can choose the same kind of Battle Chip of any letter.
(Ex: Cannon B, Cannon A)
2- You can choose different Battle Chips of the same letter.
(Ex: Sword S, Steal S and StoneMan S)
After you choose your Battle Chips, you select the "OK" button or you can select no
chip and select "ADD" to add one more row of Battle Chips on the next turn to a
maximum of 15 chips. Then the battle begins.

Your Battle Chip icons will appear over your head and you can use
them one after the other at any moment with the A-button.
You can also use your Buster (B-button) as much as you want and charge it if you got
an upgrade.
When the custom gauge on the top of the screen is full and blinking, you can press the
L-button or R-button to access the Battle Chip Window again.
If you had unused Battle Chips when you re-enter the window and you choose new one,
you will lose them for the rest of the battle.

Your Busting Level will be shown from 1 to 10 or S. The better the rating,
the better the chance to get more money or a good Battle Chip.
This rating is explained in detail in the Busting Level section.
Your Battle Chips always stay in your deck, so don't be afraid to use them.
Your HP will always be refilled when the battle in over, so don't worry if you
finish a battle with low HP.

This is a little Who's who.

Lan Hikari [Hikari Netto]
Hero of this game
Master of MegaMan [Rockman], Lan's alter-ego in cyberspace
Dr. Hikari[Hikari Yuuichiroo]
Lan's father, also named Dad
Designer of PETs
Note: "Hikari" means "Light" in Japanese
Ms. Hikari [Hikari Haruka]
Lan's mother, also named Mom
House-keeping woman
Mayl [Sakurai Meiru]
Lan's female friend
Master of Roll
Yai [Yaito]
Lan's classmate
Master of Glyde
Dex [Dekao]
Lan's classmate
Master of GutsMan
Ms. Mari [Ohzono Mariko]
Lan's teacher
Ms. Yuri [Ohzono Yuriko]
Den Town class teacher
Mari's twin sister
Sal [Saloma]
She holds a stand in the Government Complex
Master of WoodMan
He holds a stand in the Government Complex
Master of SharkMan
Miyu [Kuroi Miyuki]
She holds a shop in Den Town Block 2
Master of SkullMan
Eugene Chaud [Ijyuuin Enzan]
Official NetBattler
Master of ProtoMan [Blues]
Note: "Chaud" means "Hot" in French (pronounce "Sho")
Mr. Higsby [Higureya Taroo]
He holds a store in ACDC Town/WWW's henchman
Master of NumberMan
Dr. Froid [Hikawa Seiji]
Employee at the Water Works
Master of IceMan
Note: "Froid" means "Cold" in French (pronounce "Froi")
Mr. Match [Hino Kenichi]
Master of FireMan
Madd [Iroaya Madoi]
WWW's henchwoman
Master of ColorMan
Count Zap [Elec Hakushaku]
WWW's henchman
Master of ElecMan
Yahoot [Mahanijyarama]
WWW's henchman
Master of MagicMan
Doctor ?
WWW's leader
Master of Life Virus

You will visit various places during the game.

Area: Place you can visit.
Scenario: Scenario when you will be able to enter there.
Enemies: Enemies found. (Talk to their owner)
Items: Items found or given by people, depending on the scenario sometimes.
Also, exchanges can happen, check the Exchange section for details.
Access: Computers you will be able to jack-in.

Area: ACDC Town [Akiharacho]
Scenario: 1
Enemies: ProtoMan (scen 8)
Items: Dentures (scen 4), Pa's memo (scen 7), Exchanges 4, 5, 6, 12
Access: None
Area: Lan's house
Scenario: 1
Enemies: None
Items: Recov10 A
Access: Lan's PC, Oven, Dog's house
Area: ACDC Elementary School
Scenario: 1
Enemies: None
Items: Repair A, Recov50 A, HPMemory, Escape H, Spreader J, X-Panel1 B
(all in scenario 2), Exchanges 1, 2, 3, 16
Access: School's network
Area: Mayl's house
Scenario: 2
Enemies: None
Items: None
Access: Mayl's piano, Mayl's servbot
Area: Yai's house
Scenario: 2
Enemies: None
Items: 10000 Zennies (scen 5)
Access: Yai's telephone, Yai's portrait
Area: Dex's house
Scenario: 2
Enemies: GutsMan
Items: /Dex (Dex's link) (scen 3)
Access: Dex's PC, Dex's game console
Area: Metroline station
Scenario: 3
Enemies: None
Items: Tickets, Exchange 11
Access: None
Area: Higsby's store
Scenario: 4
Enemies: NumberMan
Items: Chip Trader machines, Shop, Hig memo (scen 7), WWW Pass (scen 8)
Access: None
Area: WWW's Metroline entrance
Scenario: 8
Enemies: None
Items: None
Access: None
Government Complex [Kanchogai]
Area: Metroline station
Scenario: 3
Enemies: None
Items: Tickets
Access: None
Area: Sal's stand
Scenario: 3
Enemies: WoodMan
Items: /Sal (Sal's link)
Access: Sal's register
Area: Lobby
Scenario: 3
Enemies: None
Items: Exchanges 7, 9
Access: Lobby's TV, Soda machine 1, Soda Machine 2
Area: Dad's lab
Scenario: 3
Enemies: None
Items: SciLabID (scen 4)
Access: Dad's PC, Dad's monitor
Area: Water Works
Scenario: 4
Enemies: IceMan (scen 5)
Items: HPMemory, WWW PIN (scen 6), Exchanges 8, 15
Access: Water Works Network, Water Works control panel
Area: Masa's stand
Scenario: 6
Enemies: SharkMan
Items: HPMemory
Access: Masa's register
Area: Restaurant
Scenario: 6
Enemies: None
Items: Exchange 13
Access: Recycled PET
Area: Power Plant
Scenario: 6
Enemies: None
Items: Exchange 17
Access: Power Plant network
Den Town [Densan Town]
Area: Metroline station
Scenario: 5
Enemies: None
Items: Tickets
Access: None
Area: Den Block 3
Scenario: 5
Enemies: ProtoMan (scenario 7)
Items: Exchange 10
Access: Den network
Area: Den Central
Scenario: 5
Enemies: None
Items: None
Access: Den network
Area: Den Block 4
Scenario: 5
Enemies: None
Items: None
Access: Den network
Area: Den Town summer class
Scenario: 5
Enemies: None
Items: Barrier A, Yuri Memo (scen 7), Exchange 14
Access: Den class blackboard
Area: Den Block 1
Scenario: 5
Enemies: None
Items: None
Access: Den network
Area: Den Block 2
Scenario: 5
Enemies: None
Items: None
Access: Den network
Area: Miyu's shop
Scenario: 5
Enemies: SkullMan
Items: /Miyu (Miyu's link)
Access: Miyu's mirror, Miyu's vase
Area: WWW Lair
Scenario: 8
Enemies: Life Virus
Items: hub.bat
Access: WWW network

There are many places you can jack-in with your PET.

Area: Computer you can log on.
(A "*" means it's a boss zone)
Enemies: Enemies found.
Items: Mystery Data crystals found only once, at a specific place.
(A "*" means it's a special item, not Battle Chip, nor zenny)
Access: Access to the Internet area, if applicable.

Area: Dog house (Outside Lan's house)
Enemies: ShokWave, SoniWave, Cannon
Items: ShotGun K
Access: None
Area: Lan's computer
Enemies: ShokWave, Quake1 A, Invis1
Items: None
Access: Internet-1
Area: Oven*
Enemies: Section 1: ShokWave, Cannon
Section 2: ShokWave, Cannon, FireTowr, FireMan
Items: Section 1: ShotGun Q, Sword B, Steal A, Ice Block*, 200, 400Z
Section 2: ShotGun Q, LilBomb T, 500Z
Area: School's network*
Enemies: Section 1: LilBomb, Quake1, ShokWave, Cannon
Section 2: LilBomb, Quake1, ShokWave, Cannon, Invis1
Section 3: LilBomb, Quake1, ShokWave, Cannon, Invis1
Section 4: LilBomb, Quake1, ShokWave, Cannon, Invis1, TimeBom1
Section 5: LilBomb, Quake1, ShokWave, Cannon, Invis1, TimeBom1, NumberMan
Items: Section 1: ShokWave L
Section 2: HiCannon I, 800Z
Section 3: Spreader H, HPMemory
Section 4: Quake1 A, 400Z
Section 5: Cannon C
Area: Teacher's car (Just outside the school)
Enemies: SoniWave, Remobit1
Items: HPMemory
Access: None
Area: Yai's telephone (In the left-most corner)
Enemies: ShokWave, Cannon, LongSwrd
Items: Escape J
Access: None
Area: Yai's portrait (Beside her bed)
Enemies: Cannon, Dash
Items: Spreader I, Yai's address*
Access: Internet-1
Area: Dex's computer (In the left-most corner)
Enemies: ShokWave, SoniWave, LilBomb
Items: X-Panel3 B, Dex's address*
Access: Internet-1
Area: Dex's game console (In front of the TV)
Enemies: SoniWave, Cannon, HiCannon, Invis2, Quake2
Items: CrossGun K
Access: None
Area: Mayl's piano
Enemies: Quake1, Invis1, ShokWave
Items: Recov50 L, Mayl's address*
Access: Internet-1
Area: Mayl's Servbot (In her bedroom)
Enemies: Invis1, Quake1
Items: HPMemory
Access: None
Area: Lobby's TV
Enemies: Cloud, Ratton1
Items: Escape L
Access: None
Area: Lobby's soda machine
Enemies: IronShld2, Howitzer 2, Bubbler, Heater, Navi (Scenario 5+)
Items: Spreader J
Access: None
Area: Lobby's soda machine 2
Enemies: FireTowr, AquaTowr
Items: 5000Z
Access: None
Area: Dad's monitor (Behind his office)
Enemies: TimeBom2, Ratton1
Items: HiCannon J
Access: None
Area: Dad's computer
Enemies: (Virus Machine)
Items: Dad's address*
Access: Internet-3
Area: Sal's register
Enemies: WoodTowr, Dynamit1, Cloudier
Items: Recov120 A, Sal's address*
Access: Internet-3
Area: Water Works network* (Next to the blue elevator)
Enemies: Section 1: TriArrow, Cloud, AquaTowr, Dash
Section 2: TriArrow, Cloud, AquaTowr, Dash
Section 3: TriArrow, Cloud, AquaTowr, Dash, Bubbler, Invis2
Section 4: TriArrow, Cloud, AquaTowr, Dash, Bubbler, Invis2, IceCube 2, IceCube 3
Section 5: TriArrow, Cloud, AquaTowr, Dash, Bubbler, Invis2, LongSwrd, HiCannon
Section 6: TriArrow, Cloud, AquaTowr, Dash, Bubbler, Invis2, LongSwrd, HiCannon, IceMan
Items: Section 1: SoniWave J
Section 2: HPMemory, Recov80 C
Section 3: WideSwrd C, TriArrow A, IcePunch B
Section 4: M-Cannon L
Section 5: PowerUp
Section 6: 1000Z (Scenario 5+)
Access: None
Area: Water Works control panel (Besides Dr. Froid)
Enemies: TriArrow, TriSpear
Items: Recov200 L, 3000Z
Access: None
Area: Den Town's summer class blackboard
Enemies: Dynamit3, BodyBurn
Items: PowerUp
Access: None
Area: Miyu's mirror
Enemies: Candle1, Drain2, Invis2
Items: Barrier S, Miyu's address*
Access: Internet-4
Area: Miyu's vase
Enemies: Candle3, SoniWave, DynaWave
Items: Quake3 C
Access: None
Area: Den Town network*
Enemies: Section 1: SoniWave, Bubbler, Heater, AquaTowr, FireTowr
Section 2: SoniWave, Mine1, RedWave, AquaTowr, FireTowr
Section 3: SoniWave, DynaWave, FireSwrd, AquaSwrd, BblWrap1, FireTowr, Quake2, RedWave
Section 4: DynaWave, Wave, RedWave, BblWrap1, FireTowr, Cannon
Section 5: DynaWave, Wave, RedWave, BblWrap1, AquaTowr, FireTowr, Bubbler, Heater, FireSwrd, AquaSwrd, Quake2, M-Cannon, ColorMan
Items: Section 1: Bubbler K, 800Z
Section 2: Escape N, 800Z
Section 3: Heater O, FireTowr T, 500Z
Section 4: HPMemory, 1000Z
Section 5: Recov80 J, AquaTowr C, 2400Z
Access: None
Area: Masa's register
Enemies: TriSpear, Bubbler, Wave
Items: TriSpear J, Masa's address*
Access: Internet-3
Area: Restaurant's PETs
Enemies: Thunder2, Howitzer
Items: HPMemory
Access: None
Area: Power plant network*
Enemies: Section 1: Thunder1, Ratton1, HiCannon, RingZap1
Section 2: Thunder1, Ratton1, HiCannon, RingZap1, RingZap2, Typhoon
Section 3: Thunder1, Ratton1, HiCannon, RingZap1, RingZap2, RingZap3, Typhoon, Remobit1
Section 4: Thunder1, Ratton1, M-Cannon, RingZap2, RingZap3, Typhoon, Remobit1, ElecMan, ProtoMan
Items: Section 1: Ratton1 D, Recov120 ?, X-Panel3 G, Batteries*, 5000Z
Section 2: Batteries*, 800, 1000, 1200Z
Section 3: Batteries*, 500, 1000Z
Section 4: Batteries*, Typhoon D, 1800, 2000Z
Access: None
Area: WWW's network*
Enemies: Section 1: Snakegg3, IronShld, HiCannon, TimeBom3
Section 2: Howitzer, IronShld, FireAura, Quake3, TimeBom1, TimeBom3
Section 3: IceCube, Cloudier, BigBomb, TriSpear, AquaAura
Section 4: Candle2, Lockon1, AquaAura, FireAura, TimeBom3, BigWave, Thunder2
Section 5: Candle2, Lockon1, Thunder2, BigWave, Snakegg2, Remobit2, Remobit3, Cyclone, BblWrap3, MagicMan
Section 6: Snakegg1, Snakegg2, BigWave, WoodAura, BigBomb, IronShld, Life Virus
Items: Section 1: FireSwrd P, Recov200 C, Ice Block*, 3000, 5000Z
Section 2: Huricane L, FtrSword P, 8000Z
Section 3: Recov300 L, 4000Z
Section 4: TimeBom3 P, HPMemory
Section 5: BigWave K, 2000Z
Access: None

The Internet is very vast and swarming with dangerous
but it also hides precious items.

Since the areas are not identified in the game, I will try to give you
a mental image of the extent of the internet:

            (8)        (16)
            /          /
          (7)  (12)  (15)
          /    /     /
        (6)  (11)  (14)
        /    /     /
      (5)  (10)--(13)
      /  \ /
    (4)  (9)
    /    /

You can also get detailed maps of the Internet and other areas at:

Area: Area on the Internet.
Enemies: Enemies found. (A "*" means the enemy is found at a specific place)
Random: Random Mystery Data found under crystal form.
Items: Mystery Data crystals found only once, at a precise location. (A "*" means it's locked)
Accesses: Other areas you can access: shops, Internet, computers.

Area: Internet-1
Enemies: Dash, ShokWave, Cannon, FireMan2*, FireMan3
Random: MetGuard A, X-Panel1 S, ShotGun K, Recov10 G, 100, 200, 500, 1000Z
Items: Yai's address (from Glyde), TriLance M*
Accesses: Shop 1, Internet-2(with Dex's link), Mayl, Yai, Dex
Area: Internet-2
Enemies: Dash, ShokWave, LongSwrd, FireSwrd, Howitzer, FireTowr, Mine1, StoneMan*
Random: Cannon C, MiniBomb P, Recov30 P, CrossGun K, 200, 400, 800, 1500Z
Items: PowerUp*
Accesses: Internet-1, Internet-3 (with Sal's link), Internet-4 (with Miyu's link)
Area: Internet-3
Enemies: HiCannon, CrosBomb, SoniWave, Dash, Thunder1, StoneMan2*, StoneMan3
Random: Spreader H, Spreader J, ShokWave P, Recov80 C, 300, 600, 1000, 2000Z
Items: RockCube O, FireSwrd B*
Accesses: Shop 3, Internet-2, Internet-9, Dad, Sal, Masa
Area: Internet-4
Enemies: TimeBom2, Dynamit1, Quake3, Invis2, IronShld3, Howitzer3
Random: LilBomb G, Quake1 E, IcePunch M, LongSwrd O, 400, 800, 1200, 2000Z
Items: AquaSwrd A, HPMemory*, 400Z
Accesses: Shop 4, Internet-2, Internet-5 (with Hig memo), Miyu
Area: Internet-5
Enemies: Gaia1, Drain1, WoodTowr, BigBomb, DynaWave
Random: IcePunch B, TriArrow A, IceCube M, IcePunch M, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000Z
Items: Thunder1 H, HPMemory*
Accesses: Shop 5, Internet-6(with Lab memo), Internet-9(one-way until Scenario 7)
Area: Internet-6
Enemies: Mine1, Drain1, WoodTowr, BigBomb, DynaWave, Remobit1, ElecMan2*, ElecMan3
Random: RockCube M, SoniWave S, HiCannon I, Spreader I, 600, 800, 1000, 3000Z
Items: 6000Z
Accesses: Internet-5, Internet-7(with Yuri memo)
Area: Internet-7
Enemies: Gaia1, WoodTowr, BigBomb, DynaWave, Invis3, LongSwrd
Random: Spreader K, TriSpear J, Recov120 A, Cloud H, 700, 1000, 1500, 3000Z
Items: Remobit1 N
Accesses: Internet-6, Internet-8(with Pa's memo)
Area: Internet-8
Enemies: Gaia1, Drain1, WoodTowr, BigBomb, DynaWave, Invis3, LongSwrd, TriSpear, BombMan*
Random: Ratton1 D, Recov120 C, Hammer F, Typhoon E, 800, 1200, 2000, 3000Z
Items: 10000Z
Accesses: Internet-7
Area: Internet-9
Enemies: BodyBurn, Gaia1, Mine1, Remobit2, WoodTowr, AquaAura, ColorMan2*, ColorMan3
Random: Recov150 E, Spreader L, Cannon E, HiCannon J, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000Z
Items: RingZap1 H
Accesses: Internet-3, Internet-5, Internet-10
Area: Internet-10
Enemies: Ratton2, BblWrap2, FireTowr, Lockon2, IceCube
Random: ElecSwrd S, Ratton2 G, M-Cannon N, CrossGun F, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000Z
Items: WideSwrd S, HPMemory*
Accesses: Shop 10, Internet-9, Internet-11 (no Escape in battles), Internet-13 (no Escape in battles)
Area: Internet-11
Enemies: Mine2, Drain2, TriLance, Cloudier, IceCube, BombMan2*, BombMan3
Random: Invis1 L, Repair G, TimeBom1 Q, Thunder2 C, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000Z
Items: 10000Z
Accesses: Internet-10, Internet-12 (over Busting Level 3 in Internet-11)
Area: Internet-12
Enemies: Gaia2, Dynamit2, Huricane, Mine3, Snakegg1, PharoMan*, PharoMan SP
Random: M-Cannon L, CrosBomb L, X-Panel1 G, Recov200 G, 1000, 1500, 2000, 4000Z
Items: KngtSwrd B
Accesses: Shop 12, Internet-11
Area: Internet-13
Enemies: Cannon, HiCannon, M-Cannon, ShokWave, SoniWave, DynaWave, BigBomb, Invis3, Popup, LongSwrd, FireSwrd, AquaSwrd, IceCube
Random: FtrSword L, Sword B, Sword K, Sword L, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000Z
Items: Recov150 K, 8000Z
Accesses: Internet-10, Internet-14(Collect 10 chips from Internet-13)
Area: Internet-14
Enemies: LeafShld, Remobit3, BodyBurn, Snakegg1, Snakegg2, Cloudest, Thunder3, Popup, Lockon2, MagicMan2*, MagicMan3
Random: M-Cannon N, Recov150 C, Hammer M, TriLance M, 10, 20, 30, 10000Z
Items: PowerUp*, 5000Z
Accesses: Internet-13, Internet-15(7 battles or less in Internet-14)
Area: Internet-15
Enemies: LeafShld, DropDown, FireAura, Drain3, Candle2, Cyclone, Popup, ShadoMan*, ShadoMan SP
Random: Ratton2 J, Howitzer A, Recov120 C, Recov150 L, 500, 2000, 3000, 4000Z
Items: RedWave J
Accesses: Shop 15, Internet-14, Internet-16 (over Busting Level 4 in Internet-15)
Area: Internet-16
Enemies: Gaia3, Lockon3, Ratton3, BodyBurn, AquaAura, FireAura, WoodAura, Bass
Random: Recov200 C, Ratton3 K, Quake3 C, KngtSwrd C, 3000, 4000, 5000Z
Items: HeroSwrd I, 20000Z, (LifeAura)
Accesses: Internet-15

Shops are mostly found on the
Internet, but the store next to Lan's house sells items too.
They sell upgrades for MegaMan or Battle Chips.

Shop: Internet area where you can buy items<./TD>
(For Higsby's store, the number indicates the scenario)
Item: Name of the items.
Price: Price of the items in Zennies.
Qty: Quantity of items you can buy.

Shop Item Price Qty
Shop-1 HPMemory 500 1
HPMemory 1000 1
HPMemory 2000 1
HPMemory 3000 1
HPMemory 5000 1
PowerUp 2000 1
PowerUp 5000 1
WideSwrd K 1000 3
Spreader I 1000 3
Hammer A 2000 3
Recov50 C 2000 3
Cannon C 3000 3
Shop-3 HPMemory 4000 1
HPMemory 6000 1
HPMemory 9000 1
HPMemory 12000 1
HPMemory 15000 1
Wood Armor 15000 1
WideSwrd S 3000 3
Hammer I 3000 3
X-Panel3 G 3000 3
M-Cannon L 10000 3
Shop-4 HPMemory 6000 1
HPMemory 8000 1
HPMemory 10000 1
HPMemory 12000 1
HPMemory 15000 1
Heat Armor 20000 1
IceCube I 3000 3
Cloudier A 5000 3
Shop-5 HPMemory 8000 1
HPMemory 10000 1
HPMemory 12000 1
HPMemory 15000 1
PowerUp 20000 1
X-Panel1 S 1000 3
Invis1 Q 5000 3
TimeBom2 S 8000 3
TriSpear J 10000 3
Recov150 C 10000 3
Ratton2 G 10000 3
Shop-10 HPMemory 12000 1
HPMemory 15000 1
HPMemory 20000 1
HPMemory 25000 1
PowerUp 25000 1
Aqua Armor 30000 1
LongSwrd E 5000 3
M-Cannon L 10000 3
Steal A 10000 3
Shop-12 HPMemory 12000 1
HPMemory 15000 1
HPMemory 20000 1
HPMemory 25000 1
PowerUp 25000 1
PowerUp 50000 1
IcePunch M 5000 3
Geddon1 L 5000 3
Geddon2 A 8000 3
Shop-15 HPMemory 15000 1
HPMemory 20000 1
HPMemory 25000 1
HPMemory 40000 1
PowerUp 100000 1
Dash G 3000 3
Repair G 3000 3
Wave A 10000 3
BblWrap3 R 10000 3
Higsby-4 Cannon E 1000 3
Spreader K 1000 3
Recov80 E 3000 3
X-Panel3 L 3000 3
Repair G 3000 3
Barrier F 3000 3
ElecSwrd E 5000 3
Steal L 5000 3
Higsby-5 FstGauge A 3000 3
Geddon1 H 3000 3
Interupt L 8000 3
Recov150 L 10000 3
Higsby-7 SloGauge Q 5000 3
Geddon2 K 8000 3
FtrSword S 12000 3
BstrSwrd S 20000 3

There are some people that will give you
Battle Chips
if you meet certain conditions. if you fulfill the condition, you can get rare Battle Chips!

Person: People that will exchange.
Location: Area where you can find him/her.
Scen: Scenario when you can find him/her.
Condition: Condition to meet.
What you get: What you will get for fulfilling the condition.

Person Location Scen Condition What you get
1- Girl in medical room School 2 Invis1 I x 3 ShotGun K
2- Little boy on 1st floor School 2 MetGuard A x 30 BstrGard A
3- Boy in class 1-B School 2 Dash G Repair H
4- Boy behind Mayl's house ACDC Town 3 FireTowr F DynaWave R
5- Old man on corner ACDC Town 4 Escape F-H-J-L-N KngtSwrd G
6- Tree in park ACDC Town 4 Dentures (old man) Recov80 G
7- Man next to machines Lobby 5 Howitzer H BstrPnch C
8- Woman next to closed door Water Works 5 Repair H Hammer H
9- Virus in Soda Machine 2 Lobby 5 Battle Repair G
10- Little girl on corner Den Block 3 6 ShotGun K Recov300 C
CrossGun K
Spreader K
M-Cannon K
11- Girl in subway station ACDC Town 6 Hammer M X-Panel3 S
12- Man on school corner ACDC Town 6 Navi (StoneMan spot) 10000 Zennies
13- Man in restaurant Restaurant 7 Invis2 J WoodAura C
Cloudest K
Ratton3 L
14- Boy in class Den Town 7 Quiz Ratton1 E
15- Man next to water machines Water Works 8 WoodMan3 HeroSwrd B
DropDown B
IronBody C
16- Little boy in closet School 8 X-Panel3 S BstrBomb D
17- Scientist on corner Power Plant 8 Quiz Ratton3 M

Battle Chips are the heart of MegaMan Battle Network.
It would be very difficult to win the game without using them.
Battle Chips are cards that can be carried into battles to enhance your attacks or defenses.
A more thorough list can be found in the
next section.

#: Number of the Battle Chip in your library.
Name: Name of the Battle Chip.
Type: Element assigned to the Battle Chip.
Dam: Standard damage done by the Battle Chip.
(It can change depending on your enemies protections and weaknesses)
Stars: Level (or value) of the Battle Chip.
Letters: Possible letters for the Battle Chip.
Desc: Short description of the Battle Chip effect.

# Name Type Dam Stars Letters Desc
1 Cannon None 40 1 ABCDE Hi-powered shot
2 HiCannon None 80 2 FGHIJ Hi-powered shot
3 M-Cannon None 120 3 KLMNO Hi-powered shot
4 ShotGun None 30 1 KMNQR Hi-powered shot
5 CrossGun None 30 1 CEFJK Hi-powered shot making a "X" pattern
6 Spreader None 30 2 HIJKL Hi-powered shot on nine squares
7 Bubbler Water 50 1 AKLPS A bubble explodes on nine squares
8 Heater Fire 70 2 CFGKO A bubble explodes on nine squares
9 MiniBomb None 50 1 CEJLP Bomb thrown 3 squares ahead
10 LilBomb None 50 1 BDGOT Bomb thrown 3 squares ahead hitting one column
11 CrosBomb None 70 2 BDHJL Bomb thrown 3 squares ahead hitting a "+" pattern
12 BigBomb None 90 4 BGOST Bomb thrown 3 squares ahead hitting nine squares
13 Sword None 80 1 BKLPS Sword attack 1 square ahead
14 WideSwrd None 80 1 CKMNS Sword attack on 1 column
15 LongSwrd None 80 2 DENOS Sword attack on 2 squares ahead
16 FtrSword None 100 3 BKLPS Sword attack 3 squares ahead
17 KngtSwrd None 150 4 BCEGH Sword attack 3 squares ahead
18 HeroSwrd None 200 5 BDFIG Sword attack 3 squares ahead
19 FireSwrd Fire 100 2 BFGNP Fire sword attack 1 square ahead
20 AquaSwrd Water 150 3 AMNOP Water sword attack 1 square ahead
21 ElecSwrd Elec 120 3 EGLOS Elec Sword attack 1 square ahead
22 Muramasa None 0 5 CEGJK Applies your damage to your enemies
23 ShokWave None 60 1 CKLNP Wave attack on 1 row
24 SoniWave None 80 2 CDJMS Wave attack on 1 row
25 DynaWave None 100 3 CEMSR Wave attack on 1 row
26 FireTowr Fire 100 2 EFLMT Fire wave attack on 1 row
27 AquaTowr Water 120 2 ACGHR Water wave attack on 1 row
28 WoodTowr Wood 140 2 BCHKN Wood pillars attack on 1 row
29 Quake1 None 90 1 AEHKQ Weight thrown 3 squares ahead
30 Quake2 None 120 2 BCIKQ Weight thrown 3 squares ahead hitting one column
31 Quake3 None 150 3 CDHMQ Weight thrown 3 squares ahead hitting a short "+" pattern
32 GutsPnch None 60 1 BHMNT Punch attack 1 square ahead
33 IcePunch Water 80 2 BHMNT Water punch attack one square ahead
34 Dash None 50 1 BDGLO Dash attack on 1 row
35 Howitzer None 150 4 ACGHO Bomb thrown 3 squares ahead
36 TriArrow None 40+ 1 ABCDE 3 arrows shot on 1 row
37 TriSpear None 50+ 2 FGHIJ 3 spears shot on 1 row
38 TriLance None 60+ 4 KLMNO 3 lances shot on 1 row
39 Ratton1 None 80 1 ABCDE Seeking mouse shot ahead
40 Ratton2 None 100 2 FGHIJ Seeking mouse shot ahead
41 Ratton3 None 120 3 KLMNO Seeking mouse shot ahead
42 Wave Water 80 3 ADILM Water wave advancing on every row
43 RedWave Fire 100 3 BEJNP Fire wave advancing on every row
44 BigWave Water 160 4 CHKLQ Water wave advancing on every row
45 Gaia1 None 100 3 CDLOT Explosion advancing on every row
46 Gaia2 None 130 4 CFKPS Explosion advancing on every row
47 Gaia3 None 160 5 CGMNT Explosion advancing on every row
48 Thunder1 Elec 90 1 AEGHS Elec ball moving on the enemy squares
49 Thunder2 Elec 120 2 BCFIL Elec ball moving on the enemy squares
50 Thunder3 Elec 150 3 DFGKN Elec ball moving on the enemy squares
51 RingZap1 Elec 100 1 GHMNP Creates an elec ball around you
52 RingZap2 Elec 100 2 CEGJL Creates an elec ball around you
53 RingZap3 Elec 100 3 ABORT Creates an elec ball around you
54 Typhoon None 30 1 ABDEG 3 hits wind attack
55 Huricane None 30 2 GIJKL 5 hits wind attack
56 Cyclone None 30 3 EFGHI 8 hits wind attack
57 Snakegg1 Wood 130 1 BEGMN Snake moving on the enemy squares
58 Snakegg2 Elec 140 2 CEHNP Snake moving on the enemy squares
59 Snakegg3 Fire 150 3 ACFLS Snake moving on the enemy squares leaving fire where it lands
60 Drain1 None 50 2 ABDKO Dash Attack and steals HP
61 Drain2 None 70 2 ACHNT Dash Attack and steals HP
62 Drain3 None 90 3 AEFLQ Dash Attack and steals HP
63 BodyBurn Fire 100 4 EFKMN A fire shield surrounds you
64 X-Panel1 None 0 2 BDGLS Breaks 1 square ahead
65 X-Panel3 None 0 3 BDGLS Breaks 1 column ahead
66 Hammer None 0 2 AFIMQ Removes 1 square ahead
67 MetGuard None 0 1 ACEGL Protects for 3 seconds (Button A)
68 IronShld None 0 2 ABORT Protects as long as you hold button
69 Recov10 None 0 1 ACEGL Recovers 10 HP
70 Recov30 None 0 1 ACEGL Recovers 30 HP
71 Recov50 None 0 1 ACEGL Recovers 50 HP
72 Recov80 None 0 1 ACEGL Recovers 80 HP
73 Recov120 None 0 2 ACEGL Recovers 120 HP
74 Recov150 None 0 2 ACEGL Recovers 150 HP
75 Recov200 None 0 3 ACEGL Recovers 200 HP
76 Recov300 None 0 4 ACEGL Recovers 300 HP
77 Steal None 0 3 AELPS Steals 1 column of enemies area
78 Geddon1 None 0 3 FHJLN Breaks every square of enemies area
79 Geddon2 None 0 4 ABEIK Removes every free squares, including yours
80 Escape None 0 3 FHJLN Quit battle
81 Interupt None 0 3 FHJLN Tries to remove an enemy
82 Repair None 0 1 AGHKS Resets all squares to normal
83 TimeBom1 None 80 2 EGJLQ Drops a time bomb ahead and creates a shockwave
84 TimeBom2 None 120 3 CFJLS Drops a time bomb ahead and creates a shockwave
85 TimeBom3 None 160 4 ABGOP Drops a time bomb ahead and creates a shockwave
86 Cloud Water 30 1 BGHOR Rain travels on one column
87 Cloudier Water 50 2 ADIMP Rain travels on one column
88 Cloudest Water 100 3 CFJKO Rain travels on one column
89 Mine1 None 160 2 GHMNP Hides a mine in enemy area
90 Mine2 None 180 3 CEGJL Hides a mine in enemy area
91 Mine3 None 200 4 ABORT Hides a mine in enemy area
92 Dynamit1 None 100 3 BGOQS Drops a grenade ahead and damages in direction it's pointing
93 Dynamit2 None 120 3 ACKMN Drops a grenade ahead and damages in direction it's pointing
94 Dynamit3 None 150 3 GKMOP Drops a grenade ahead and damages in direction it's pointing
95 Remobit1 Elec 80 1 ACFNO Drops a robot ahead and a probe shoots every square under it.
96 Remobit2 Elec 100 1 BDEHI Drops a robot ahead and a probe shoots every square under it.
97 Remobit3 Elec 120 1 GJKPQ Drops a robot ahead and a probe shoots every square under it.
98 Lockon1 None 10+ 1 CDHIL Drops a machine gun ahead and locks on an enemy
99 Lockon2 None 15+ 2 BEGHM Drops a machine gun ahead and locks on an enemy
100 Lockon3 None 20+ 3 ADKNO Drops a machine gun ahead and locks on an enemy
101 Candle1 None 0 2 CFIPS Candle recovers slowly your HP
102 Candle2 None 0 3 BEGJL Candle recovers slowly your HP
103 Candle3 None 0 4 ADHKM Candle recovers slowly your HP
104 Anubis None 0 5 CLMQT A statue drops and produces poison that hurts enemies
105 IceCube Water 0 2 ACILM An ice block is dropped and protects you
106 RockCube None 0 3 BEGMO A stone block is dropped and protects you
107 BstrGard None 0 3 AGKNR Replaces your gun with a shield
108 BstrBomb None 0 4 DHJOT Replaces your gun with a bomb launcher
109 BstrSwrd None 0 4 BELPS Replaces your gun with a short sword
110 BstrPnch None 0 4 CFIMQ Replaces your gun with a fist
111 SloGauge None 0 2 HKNOQ Makes your custom gauge slower
112 FstGauge None 0 2 ACELN Makes your custom gauge faster
113 Invis1 None 0 2 IJLOQ Makes you invulnerable for a moment
114 Invis2 None 0 3 ACFJM Makes you invulnerable for a moment
115 Invis3 None 0 4 BDHKN Makes you invulnerable for a moment
116 DropDown None 0 5 ABORT Makes you invisible until you attack
117 Popup None 0 5 CDHKN Makes you invisible while not attacking
118 IronBody None 0 2 CDLQR Body made of iron for 30 seconds
119 Barrier None 0 2 DFMRS A barrier protects you once from damage
120 BblWrap1 Water 0 2 CEGIM A bubble surrounds your body
121 BblWrap2 Water 0 2 DFHKN A bubble surrounds your body
122 BblWrap3 Water 0 3 ABLQR A bubble surrounds your body
123 LeafShld Wood 0 3 CDFKQ Turns one hit into HP
124 AquaAura Water 0 2 DELRS An energy shield protects you
125 FireAura Fire 0 3 BGINT An energy shield protects you
126 WoodAura Wood 0 4 CFJOQ An energy shield protects you
127 LifeAura None 0 5 AHKMP An energy shield protects you
128 Roll None 60 3 R Attacks one enemy and recovers 30 HP
129 Roll2 None 80 4 R Attacks one enemy and recovers 50 HP
130 Roll3 None 100 5 R Attacks one enemy and recovers 80 HP
131 GutsMan None 40 3 G Wave attacks on every row and breaks all squares in enemy area
132 GutsMan2 None 70 4 G Wave attacks on every row and breaks all squares in enemy area
133 GutsMan3 None 100 5 G Wave attacks on every row and breaks all squares in enemy area
134 ProtoMan None 140 3 B Wide Sword attack
135 ProtoMn2 None 160 4 B Wide Sword attack
136 ProtoMn3 None 180 5 B Wide Sword attack
137 FireMan Fire 100 3 F Fire stream in front of you
138 FireMan2 Fire 120 4 F Fire stream in front of you
139 FireMan3 Fire 150 5 F Fire stream in front of you
140 NumbrMan None 10* 3 N A dice is thrown and the result is multiplied by the damage on every enemy
141 NumbrMn2 None 20* 4 N A dice is thrown and the result is multiplied by the damage on every enemy
142 NumbrMn3 None 30* 5 N A dice is thrown and the result is multiplied by the damage on every enemy
143 StoneMan None 100 3 S 3 stones are dropped randomly 3 times on enemy area
144 StoneMn2 None 100 4 S 4 stones are dropped randomly 3 times on enemy area
145 StoneMn3 None 100 5 S 5 stones are dropped randomly 3 times on enemy area
146 IceMan Water 60 3 I Ice wave advances on each row
147 IceMan2 Water 80 4 I Ice wave advances on each row
148 IceMan3 Water 100 5 I Ice wave advances on each row
149 ColorMan None 90 3 C A water wave is released on the upper row and a fire wave on the lower one
150 ColorMn2 None 110 4 C A water wave is released on the upper row and a fire wave on the lower one
151 ColorMn3 None 130 5 C A water wave is released on the upper row and a fire wave on the lower one
152 ElecMan Elec 90 3 E Thunder attack on each enemy
153 ElecMan2 Elec 120 4 E Thunder attack on each enemy
154 ElecMan3 Elec 150 5 E Thunder attack on each enemy
155 BombMan Fire 120 3 B Cross Bomb attack
156 BombMan2 Fire 140 4 B Cross Bomb attack
157 BombMan3 Fire 160 5 B Cross Bomb attack
158 MagicMan None 100 3 M Fire attack on the central row
159 MagicMn2 None 120 4 M Fire attack on the central row
160 MagicMn3 None 140 5 M Fire attack on the central row
161 WoodMan Wood 60 3 W Wood pillars advance on each row
162 WoodMan2 Wood 80 4 W Wood pillars advance on each row
163 WoodMan3 Wood 100 5 W Wood pillars advance on each row
164 SkullMan None 150 3 S A skull head is dropped on 1 enemy
165 SkullMn2 None 180 4 S A skull head is dropped on 1 enemy
166 SkullMn3 None 210 5 S A skull head is dropped on 1 enemy
167 SharkMan Water 90 3 S A shark fin advances on each row
168 SharkMn2 Water 110 4 S A shark fin advances on each row
169 SharkMn3 Water 130 5 S A shark fin advances on each row
170 PharoMan None 100 5 P A laser attack on each row
171 PharoMn2 None 120 5 P A laser attack on each row
172 PharoMn3 None 140 5 P A laser attack on each row
173 ShadoMan None 80 5 S 3 blades are thrown on enemies
174 ShadoMn2 None 90 5 S 3 blades are thrown on enemies
175 ShadoMn3 None 100 5 S 3 blades are thrown on enemies
176 Bass [Forte] None 200 5 F Powerful attack on all squares

This section should be used as a quick chart to know where you can get each Battle Chip.
Note that each chip listed here can be found in the
Chip Trade machines.

#: Number of the Battle Chip in your library.
Name: Name of the Battle Chip.
Letter: Possible letters for the Battle Chip.
Where: Where you can get the chip:
¤: New game start
#: Event
~: Mystery Data
°: Shop
¶: Random Mystery Data
*: Enemy
None: Chip Trade machine only.

# Name Letter Where
1 Cannon
A ¤/*Cannon
B ¤/*Cannon
C ~NumberMan-5Shop-1/ ¶Internet-2
D *Cannon
E °Higsby-4Internet-9
2 HiCannon
[High Cannon]
F *HiCannon
G *HiCannon
H *HiCannon
I ~NumberMan-2Internet-6
J ~SodaMachine-2Internet-9
3 M-Cannon
[Mega Cannon]
K *M-Cannon
L ~IceMan-4Shop-3,Shop-10/ ¶Internet-12
M *M-Cannon
N Internet-10,Internet-14
O *M-Cannon
4 ShotGun
[Shot Gun]
K #Exchange1/~Internet-1,Dog House
N ¤
Q ~FireMan-1
5 CrossGun
[Cross Gun]
C #Mail(Scenario 1-1)
F Internet-10
J ¤
K ~Dex's gameInternet-2
6 Spreader
[Spread Gun]
H ~NumberMan-3Internet-3
I #Glyde(Yai's portrait)/°Shop-1/ ¶Internet-6
J ~Class5B¶/Internet-3
K °Higsby-4¶/Internet-7
L Internet-9
7 Bubbler
[Bubble Spread]
A *Bubbler
K ~ColoredMan-1
P *Bubbler
S *Bubbler
8 Heater
[Heat Spread]
F *Heater
G *Heater
K *Heater
O ~ColoredMan-3
9 MiniBomb
[Mini Bomb]
C ¤
L ¤
P Internet-2
10 LilBomb
[Small Bomb]
B *LilBomb
D *LilBomb
G Internet-4
O *LilBomb
T ~FireMan-2
11 CrosBomb
[Cross Bomb]
B *CrosBomb
D *CrosBomb
H *CrosBomb
L Internet-12
12 BigBomb
[Big Bomb]
B *BigBomb
O *BigBomb
T *BigBomb
13 Sword
B ~FireMan-1Internet-13
K Internet-13/*FireSwrd
L Internet-13/*AquaSwrd
P *AquaSwrd
S ¤
14 WideSwrd
[Wide Sword]
C ~IceMan-3
K °Shop-1
S ¤/~Internet-10Shop-3/ *LongSwrd
15 LongSwrd
[Long Sword]
D *LongSwrd
E °Shop-10
O Internet-4
S *LongSwrd
16 FtrSword
[Fighter Sword]
B ~Internet-3
L Internet-13
P ~WWW-2
S °Higsby-7
17 KngtSwrd
[Knight Sword]
B ~Internet-12
C Internet-16
G #Exchange5
18 HeroSwrd
[Paladin Sword]
B #Exchange15
I ~Internet-16
19 FireSwrd
[Flame Sword]
B *FireSwrd
N *FireSwrd
P ~WWW-1
20 AquaSwrd
[Aqua Sword]
A ~Internet-4
N *AquaSwrd
P *AquaSwrd
21 ElecSwrd
[Elec Sword]
E °Higsby-4
S Internet-10
22 Muramasa
K *ShadoMan SP
23 ShokWave
[Shock Wave]
C *ShokWave
K *ShokWave
L ~NumberMan-1
P Internet-3
24 SoniWave
[Sonic Wave]
C *SoniWave
D *SoniWave
J ~IceMan-1
M *SoniWave
S Internet-6
25 DynaWave
[Dyna Wave]
C *DynaWave
M *DynaWave
S *DynaWave
R #Exchange4
26 FireTowr
[Flame Tower]
E *FireTowr
F *FireTowr
M *FireTowr
T ~ColoredMan-3
27 AquaTowr
[Aqua Tower]
C ~ColoredMan-5
G *AquaTowr
H *AquaTowr
R *AquaTowr
28 WoodTowr
[Woody Tower]
B *WoodTowr
C *WoodTowr
K *WoodTowr
29 Quake1
[Earthquake 1]
A ~NumberMan-4/*Quake1
E Internet-4
H *Quake1
K *Quake1
Q *Quake1
30 Quake2
[Earthquake 2]
B *Quake2
C *Quake2
Q *Quake2
31 Quake3
[Earthquake 3]
C ~Miyu's vaseInternet-16
D *Quake3
M *Quake3
Q *Quake3
32 GutsPnch
[Guts Punch]
B *GutsMan3
M *GutsMan3
33 IcePunch
[Cold Punch]
B ~IceMan-3Internet-5
M °Shop-12Internet-4, Internet-5
34 Dash
[Dash Attack]
B *Dash
D *Dash
G °Shop-15/*Dash
35 Howitzer
[Hoo Gun]
A Internet-15
H *Howitzer
36 TriArrow
[Triple Arrow]
A ~IceMan-3Internet-5/ *TriArrow
B *TriArrow
C *TriArrow
D *TriArrow
E *TriArrow
37 TriSpear
[Triple Spear]
F *TriSpear
G *TriSpear
H *TriSpear
I *TriSpear
J ~Masa's RegisterShop-5/ ¶Internet-7/*TriSpear
38 TriLance
[Triple Lance]
K *TriLance
L *TriLance
M ~Internet-1Internet-14
N *TriLance
O *TriLance
39 Ratton1
[Ratton 1]
A *Ratton1
B *Ratton1
C *Ratton1
D ~ElecMan-1Internet-8/ *Ratton1
E #Exchange14
40 Ratton2
[Ratton 2]
F *Ratton2
G °Shop-5Internet-10/*Ratton2
H *Ratton2
I *Ratton2
J Internet-15
41 Ratton3
[Ratton 3]
K Internet-16
L *Ratton3
M #Exchange17
N *Ratton3
O *Ratton3
42 Wave
A °Shop-15/*Wave
I *Wave
43 RedWave
[Aka Tsunami]
J ~Internet-15
N *RedWave
P *RedWave
44 BigWave
[Oo Tsunami]
H *BigWave
K ~WWW-5
Q *BigWave
45 Gaia1
[Gaia Hammer 1]
C *Gaia1
D *Gaia1
T *Gaia1
46 Gaia2
[Gaia Hammer 2]
C *Gaia2
K *Gaia2
S *Gaia2
47 Gaia3
[Gaia Hammer]
C *Gaia3
M *Gaia3
48 Thunder1
[Thunder Ball 1]
A *Thunder1
G *Thunder1
H ~Internet-5
S *Thunder1
49 Thunder2
[Thunder Ball 2]
C Internet-11
F *Thunder2
I *Thunder2
L *Thunder2
50 Thunder3
[Thunder Ball 3]
D *Thunder3
F *Thunder3
N *Thunder3
51 RingZap1
[Elec Circle 1]
G *RingZap1
H ~Internet-9
N *RingZap1
P *RingZap1
52 RingZap2
[Elec Circle 2]
C *RingZap2
J *RingZap2
L *RingZap2
53 RingZap3
[Elec Circle 3]
A *RingZap3
B *RingZap3
T *RingZap3
54 Typhoon
A *Typhoon
B *Typhoon
D ~ElecMan-4
E Internet-8
G *Typhoon
55 Huricane
G *Huricane
I *Huricane
J *Huricane
L ~WWW-2
56 Cyclone
F *Cyclone
G *Cyclone
H *Cyclone
57 Snakegg1
[Egg Snake 1]
B *Snakegg1
E *Snakegg1
M *Snakegg1
58 Snakegg2
[Egg Snake 2]
C *Snakegg2
E *Snakegg2
P *Snakegg2
59 Snakegg3
[Egg Snake 3]
A *Snakegg3
C *Snakegg3
S *Snakegg3
60 Drain1
[Mosquito 1]
A *Drain1
K *Drain1
O *Drain1
61 Drain2
[Mosquito 2]
A *Drain2
N *Drain2
T *Drain2
62 Drain3
[Mosquito 3]
A *Drain3
F *Drain3
Q *Drain3
63 BodyBurn
[Burning Body]
E *BodyBurn
F *BodyBurn
K *BodyBurn
64 X-Panel1
[Panel Out 1]
B ~School's Corridor
G Internet-12
L ¤
S °Shop-5Internet-1
65 X-Panel3
[Panel Out 3]
B ~Dex's Computer
G ~ElecMan-1Shop-3
L °Higsby-4
S #Exchange11
66 Hammer
[Break Hammer]
A °Shop-1
F Internet-8
I °Shop-3
M #Exchange8Internet-14
67 MetGuard
[Met Guard]
A Internet-1/*ShokWave
G *ShokWave,SoniWave
L *DynaWave
68 IronShld
[Metal Shield]
A *IronShld
B *IronShld
O *IronShld
R *IronShld
T *IronShld
69 Recov10
A ¤/~Lan's House
C *Invis3
G Internet-1/*Invis1
L ¤/*Invis3
70 Recov30
C *Invis3
G Internet-2
L ~Yai's portrait
71 Recov50
A *Invis2
C °Shop-1
E *Invis3
G ~Medical Room
L ~Mayl's Piano
72 Recov80
A *Invis2
C ~IceMan-2Internet-3
E °Higsby-4
G #Exchange6/~ColoredMan-5
L *Invis3
73 Recov120
A ~Sal's Register¶/Internet-7
C ~ElecMan-1Internet-8, Internet-15
L *Invis3
74 Recov150
A ~Internet-13
C °Shop-5Internet-14
E Internet-9
G *Invis3
L °Higsby-5Internet-15
75 Recov200
A *Invis3
C ~WWW-1¶/Internet-16
G Internet-12
L ~Power plant room?
76 Recov300
C #Exchange10
L ~WWW-3
77 Steal
[Area Steal]
A ~FireMan-1Internet-10
L °Higsby-4
S ¤
78 Geddon1
[Dismatch 1]
H °Higsby-5
L °Shop-12
79 Geddon2
[Dismatch 2]
A °Shop-12
K °Higsby-7
80 Escape
F ¤
H ~School's library
J ~Yai's telephone
L ~Lobby's TV
N ~NumberMan-2
81 Interupt
L °Higsby-5
82 Repair
[Panel Return]
A ~School's PC room
G #Exchange9Higsby-4,Internet-15/ ¶Internet-11
H #Exchange3
83 TimeBom1
[Count Bomb 1]
J *TimeBom1
L *TimeBom1
Q Internet-11
84 TimeBom2
[Count Bomb 2]
C *TimeBom2
J *TimeBom2
S °Shop-5
85 TimeBom3
[Count Bomb 3]
B *TimeBom3
G *TimeBom3
O *TimeBom3
P ~WWW-4
86 Cloud
B *Cloud
H Internet-7
O *Cloud
R *Cloud
87 Cloudier
[More Cloud]
A °Shop-4
I *Cloudier
M *Cloudier
P *Cloudier
88 Cloudest
[Most Cloud]
C *Cloudest
K *Cloudest
O *Cloudest
89 Mine1
[Stress Mine 1]
G *Mine1
H *Mine1
M *Mine1
90 Mine2
[Stress Mine 2]
C *Mine2
J *Mine2
L *Mine2
91 Mine3
[Stress Mine 3]
A *Mine3
B *Mine3
T *Mine3
92 Dynamit1
[Dynamite 1]
B *Dynamit1
O *Dynamit1
Q *Dynamit1
93 Dynamit2
[Dynamite 2]
A *Dynamit2
C *Dynamit2
K *Dynamit2
94 Dynamit3
[Dynamite 3]
G *Dynamit3
K *Dynamit3
M *Dynamit3
95 Remobit1
[Rimoko Goroo 1]
A *Remobit1
C *Remobit1
N ~Internet-7
O *Remobit1
96 Remobit2
[Rimoko Goroo 2]
D *Remobit2
E *Remobit2
I *Remobit2
97 Remobit3
[Rimoko Goroo 3]
G *Remobit3
P *Remobit3
Q *Remobit3
98 Lockon1
[Lock-on 1]
D *Lockon1
H *Lockon1
I *Lockon1
99 Lockon2
[Lock-on 2]
E *Lockon2
G *Lockon2
H *Lockon2
100 Lockon3
[Lock-on 3]
D *Lockon3
K *Lockon3
N *Lockon3
101 Candle1
[Rimoroosoku 1]
C *Candle1
P *Candle1
S *Candle1
102 Candle2
[Rimoroosoku 2]
B *Candle2
E *Candle2
G *Candle2
103 Candle3
[Rimoroosoku 3]
A *Candle3
H *Candle3
M *Candle3
104 Anubis
[Poison Anubis]
L *PharoMan SP
105 IceCube
[Ice Cube]
A *IceCube
C *IceCube
I °Shop-4
L *IceCube
M Internet-5/*IceCube
106 RockCube
[Stone Cube]
M Internet-6
O ~Internet-3
107 BstrGard
[Buster Guard]
A #Exchange2
108 BstrBomb
[Buster Bomb]
D #Exchange16
109 BstrSwrd
[Buster Sword]
S °Higsby-7
110 BstrPnch
[Buster Punch]
C #Exchange7
111 SloGauge
[Heavy Gauge]
Q °Higsby-7
112 FstGauge
[Quick Gauge]
A °Higsby-5
113 Invis1
[Invisible 1]
I *Invis1
J *Invis1
L Internet-11/*Invis1
Q °Shop-5
114 Invis2
[Invisible 2]
A *Invis2
C *Invis2
J *Invis2
115 Invis3
[Invisible 3]
N *Invis3
116 DropDown
B *DropDown
117 Popup
C *Popup
D *Popup
H *Popup
K *Popup
N *Popup
118 IronBody
[Iron Body]
C *Gaia3
Q *Gaia2
R *Gaia1
119 Barrier
F °Higsby-4
R ~City's class
S ~Miyu's mirror
120 BblWrap1
[Bubble Wrap 1]
E *BblWrap1
G *BblWrap1
I *BblWrap1
121 BblWrap2
[Bubble Wrap 2]
D *BblWrap2
F *BblWrap2
H *BblWrap2
N *BblWrap2
122 BblWrap3
[Buble Wrap 3]
B *BblWrap3
L *BblWrap3
Q *BblWrap3
R °Shop-15/*BblWrap3
123 LeafShld
[Leaf Shield]
C *LeafShld
Q *LeafShld
124 AquaAura
[Aqua Aura]
L *AquaAura
R *AquaAura
S *AquaAura
125 FireAura
[Flame Aura]
B *FireAura
I *FireAura
126 WoodAura
[Wood Aura]
C #Exchange13
F *WoodAura
127 LifeAura
[Dream Aura]
H *Bass
K *Bass
M *Bass
P *Bass
128 Roll R #Mayl(Scenario 2-2)
129 Roll2 R #Mayl(Scenario 5-3)
130 Roll3 R #Yai(Scenario 8-3)
131 GutsMan G #Dex(Scenario 3-3)/ *GutsMan3
132 GutsMan2 G *GutsMan3
133 GutsMan3 G *GutsMan3
134 ProtoMan B *ProtoMan2,ProtoMan3
135 ProtoMn2 B *ProtoMan3
136 ProtoMn3 B *ProtoMan3
137 FireMan F *FireMan2,FireMan3
138 FireMan2 F *FireMan3
139 FireMan3 F *FireMan3
140 NumbrMan N *NumberMan2,NumberMan3
141 NumbrMn2 N *NumberMan3
142 NumbrMn3 N *NumberMan3
143 StoneMan S *StoneMan2,StoneMan3
144 StoneMn2 S *StoneMan3
145 StoneMn3 S *StoneMan3
146 IceMan I *IceMan2,IceMan3
147 IceMan2 I *IceMan3
148 IceMan3 I *IceMan3
149 ColorMan C *ColorMan2,ColorMan3
150 ColorMn2 C *ColorMan3
151 ColorMn3 C *ColorMan3
152 ElecMan E *ElecMan2,ElecMan3
153 ElecMan2 E *ElecMan3
154 ElecMan3 E *ElecMan3
155 BombMan B *BombMan2,BombMan3
156 BombMan2 B *BombMan3
157 BombMan3 B *BombMan3
158 MagicMan M *MagicMan2,MagicMan3
159 MagicMn2 M *MagicMan3
160 MagicMn3 M *MagicMan3
161 WoodMan W *WoodMan2,WoodMan3
162 WoodMan2 W *WoodMan3
163 WoodMan3 W *WoodMan3
164 SkullMan S *SkullMan2,SkullMan3
165 SkullMn2 S *SkullMan3
166 SkullMn3 S *SkullMan3
167 SharkMan S *SharkMan2,SharkMan3
168 SharkMn2 S *SharkMan3
169 SharkMn3 S *SharkMan3
170 PharoMan P *PharoMan,PharoMan SP
171 PharoMn2 P *PharoMan SP
172 PharoMn3 P *PharoMan SP
173 ShadoMan S *ShadoMan,ShadoMan SP
174 ShadoMn2 S *ShadoMan SP
175 ShadoMn3 S *ShadoMan SP
176 Bass F

Combos, or Advance Programs, are combinations of
Battle Chips
that create a new kind of effect, mostly bigger attacks.
When you choose the good chips for a combo in the right order,
the screen will darken, then you activate the combo like any Battle Chip.
The effect is explained for each series.

Name: Name of the combo.
Battle Chips: Battle Chips needed to execute the combo.

Name Battle Chips
(The Zeta series allow you to use the Battle Chips as often as you want for 5 seconds and make you invincible for that time)
Zeta Cannon 1 Cannon A-B-C
Cannon B-C-D
Cannon C-D-E
Zeta Cannon 2 HiCannon G-H-I
HiCannon H-I-J
HiCannon I-J-K
Zeta Cannon 3 M-Cannon K-L-M
M-Cannon L-M-N
M-Cannon M-N-O
Zeta Spread Spreader H-I-J
Spreader I-J-K
Spreader J-K-L
Zeta Ratton1 Ratton1 A-B-C
Ratton1 B-C-D
Ratton1 C-D-E
Zeta Ratton2 Ratton2 F-G-H
Ratton2 G-H-I
Ratton2 H-I-J
Zeta Ratton3 Ratton3 K-L-M
Ratton3 L-M-N
Ratton3 M-N-O
Zeta Arrow TriArrow A-B-C
TriArrow B-C-D
TriArrow C-D-E
Zeta Spear TriSpear F-G-H
TriSpear G-H-I
TriSpear H-I-J
Zeta Lance TriLance K-L-M
TriLance L-M-N
TriLance M-N-O
(The Omega series allow you to use the Battle Chips as often as you want for 10 seconds and make you invincible for that time)
OM-Cannon 1 Cannon A-B-C-D-E
OM-Cannon 2 HiCannon F-G-H-I-J
OM-Cannon 3 M-Cannon K-L-M-N-O
Omega Spread Spreader H-I-J-K-L
Omega Ratton1 Ratton1 A-B-C-D-E
Omega Ratton2 Ratton2 F-G-H-I-J
Omega Ratton3 Ratton3 K-L-M-N-O
Omega Arrow TriArrow A-B-C-D-E
Omega Spear TriSpear F-G-H-I-J
Omega Lance TriLance K-L-M-N-O
(The Beta series allow you to use the effects of the Battle Chips 5 times)
Beta Bomb LilBomb B - CrosBomb B - BigBomb B
Beta Sword Sword S - FtrSword S - LongSwrd S
Beta Wave ShokWave C - SoniWave C - DynaWave C
Beta Quake Quake1 Q - Quake2 Q - Quake3 Q
(The Sigma series allow you to use the effects of the Battle Chips 8 times)
Sigma Bomb LilBomb B x 2 - CrosBomb B x 2 - BigBomb B
LilBomb B x 2 - CrosBomb B - BigBomb B x 2
LilBomb B - CrosBomb B x 2 - BigBomb B x 2
LilBomb B x 3 - CrosBomb B - BigBomb B
LilBomb B - CrosBomb B x 3 - BigBomb B
LilBomb B - CrosBomb B - BigBomb B x 3
Sigma Sword Sword S x 2 - FtrSword S x 2 - LongSwrd S
Sword S x 2 - FtrSword S - LongSwrd S x 2
Sword S - FtrSword S x 2 - LongSwrd S x 2
Sword S x 3 - FtrSword S - LongSwrd S
Sword S - FtrSword S x 3 - LongSwrd S
Sword S - FtrSword S - LongSwrd S x 3
Sigma Wave ShokWave C x 2 - SoniWave C x 2 - DynaWave C
ShokWave C x 2 - SoniWave C - DynaWave C x 2
ShokWave C - SoniWave C x 2 - DynaWave C x 2
ShokWave C x 3 - SoniWave C - DynaWave C
ShokWave C - SoniWave C x 3 - DynaWave C
ShokWave C - SoniWave C - DynaWave C x 3
Sigma Quake Quake1 Q x 2 - Quake2 Q x 2 - Quake3 Q
Quake1 Q x 2 - Quake2 Q - Quake3 Q x 2
Quake1 Q - Quake2 Q x 2 - Quake3 Q x 2
Quake1 Q x 3 - Quake2 Q - Quake3 Q
Quake1 Q - Quake2 Q x 3 - Quake3 Q
Quake1 Q - Quake2 Q - Quake3 Q x 3
Powered Cannon ShotGun K - CrossGun K - Spreader K - M-Cannon K
(This cannon does 200 points of damage)
Heavy Stomp Gaia1 C - Gaia2 C - Gaia3 C - Quake3 C
(This combo does 400 points of damage on all enemy side)
Big Straight GutsPnch B - IcePunch B - Dash B
(This punch does 250 points of damage on one row)
Blood Drain Drain1 A - Drain2 A - Drain3 A - Wave A
(This attack does a HP drain of 200 on all three rows)
Desstorm Typhoon G - Huricane G - Cyclone G - Repair G
(This wind attack does 200 points of damage on every enemy)
Guts Shot MetGuard G - Dash G - GutsMan G
MetGuard G - Dash G - GutsMan2 G
MetGuard G - Dash G - GutsMan3 G
(GutsMan and MegaMan do an attack of 500 points of damage)
Life Saver Barrier R - AquaAura R - Roll R
Barrier R - AquaAura R - Roll2 R
Barrier R - AquaAura R - Roll3 R
(This combo makes you invisible and gives you HP)
Double Hero FtrSword B - KngtSwrd B - HeroSwrd B - ProtoMan B
FtrSword B - KngtSwrd B - HeroSwrd B - ProtoMn2 B
FtrSword B - KngtSwrd B - HeroSwrd B - ProtoMn3 B
(MegaMan and ProtoMan do an attack of 400 points of damage)

In the game, you will meet various enemies, also called viruses.
This list can help you find which
Battle Chips you can get depending on the enemy.
A more thorough list can be found in the next section.

Enemy: Name of the enemy.
Desc: Short description of the enemy.
Gives: What you can get for deleting the enemy.
(Battle Chip or range of zennies)
The second line shows all the enemies appearances.

Enemy Desc Gives
Cannon Green cannon Cannon A-B-D, 60~200Z
Dog House, Oven, School Net, Yai's, Dex's console, Internet-1, 13
HiCannon Blue cannon HiCannon F-G-H, 160~300Z
School Net, Dex's console, Water Net, Power Plant Net, WWW Net, Internet-3, 13
M-Cannon Red cannon M-Cannon K-M-O, 160~300Z
Den Town Net, Power Plant Net, Internet-13
Bubbler Blue whale Bubbler A-P-S, 210~350Z
Soda Machine 1, Water Net, Den Town Net, Masa's register
Heater Pink whale Heater F-G-K, 210-350Z
Soda Machine 1, Den Town Net
LilBomb Red beetle LilBomb B-D-O, 110~250Z
School Net, Dex's computer
CrosBomb Blue beetle CrosBomb B-D-H, 210~350Z
BigBomb Grey beetle BigBomb B-O-T, 360~500Z
WWW Net, Internet-5, 6, 7, 8, 13
LongSwrd Grey swordsman LongSwrd D-S, WideSwrd S, 160~300Z
Yai's telephone, Water Net, Internet-2, 7, 8, 13
FireSwrd Yellow swordsman Sword K, FireSwrd B-N, 160~300Z
Den Town Net, WWW Net, Internet-2, 3, 13
AquaSwrd Blue swordsman Sword L-P, AquaSwrd N-P, 260~400Z
Den Town Net, Internet-13
ShokWave Yellow metool MetGuard A-G, ShokWave C-K, 60~200Z
Dog House, Oven, School Net, Yai's telephone, Dex's computer, Mayl's piano, Internet-1, 2, 3, 13
SoniWave Red metool MetGuard G, SoniWave C-D-M, 110~250Z
Dog House, Car, Dex's, Miyu's mirror, Den Town Net, Internet-3, 6, 13
DynaWave Blue metool MetGuard L, DynaWave C-M-S, 160~300Z
Miyu's mirror, Den Town Net, Internet-5, 6, 7, 8, 13
FireTowr Grey and red mouth FireTowr E-F-M, 100~200Z
Oven, Den Town Net, Internet-2, 10
AquaTowr Grey and blue mouth AquaTowr G-H-R, 210~350Z
Soda Machine 2, Water Net, Den Town Net,
WoodTowr Brown acorn WoodTowr B-C-K, 360~500Z
Sal's register, Internet-5, 6, 7 ,8, 9
Quake1 Grey anvil Quake1 A-H-K-Q, 110~200Z
School Net, Mayl's
Quake2 Red anvil Quake2 B-C-Q, 160~300Z
Dex's computer, Den Town Net
Quake3 Yellow anvil Quake3 D-M-Q, 260~400Z
WWW Net, Internet-4
Dash Green Bird Dash B-D-G, 60~200Z
Yai's portrait, Water Net, Internet-1, 2, 3
Howitzer Grey ball Howitzer H, 160~300Z
Restaurant, WWW Net, Internet-2
Howitzer2 Brown ball 2000Z
Soda Machine 1
Howitzer3 Blue ball 3000Z
TriArrow Green fish TriArrow A-B-C-D-E, 210~250Z
Water Net, Water control panel
TriSpear Red fish TriSpear F-G-H-I-J, 360~400Z
Water control panel, Masa's register, WWW Net, Internet-8
TriLance Blue fish TriLance K-L-N-O, 460~550Z
Ratton1 Pink rat Ratton1 A-B-C-D, 310~450Z
Lobby's TV, Dad's monitor, Power Plant Net
Ratton2 Blue and brown rat Ratton2 F-G-H-I, 460~600Z
Ratton3 Grey rat Ratton3 L-N-O, 400~600Z
Wave Blue jellyfish Wave A-I, 260~350Z
Masa's register
RedWave Purple jellyfish RedWave N-P, 260~350Z
Den Town Net
BigWave Grey jellyfish BigWave H-Q, 460~550Z
Gaia1 Purple armor with hammer IronBody R, Gaia1 C-D-T, 360~500Z
Internet-5, 7, 8, 9
Gaia2 Blue armor with hammer IronBody Q, Gaia2 C-K-S, 460~600Z
Gaia3 Yellow armor with hammer IronBody C, Gaia3 C-M, 460~600Z
Thunder1 Yellow electrode Thunder1 A-G-S, 310~450Z
Power Plant Net, Internet-3
Thunder2 Red electrode Thunder2 F-I-L, 460~600Z
Restaurant, WWW Net
Thunder3 Purple electrode Thunder3 D-F-N, 460~600Z
RingZap1 Red robot RingZap1 G-N-P, 310~400Z
Power Plant Net
RingZap2 Blue robot RingZap2 C-J-L, 310~450Z
Power Plant Net
RingZap3 Purple robot RingZap3 A-B-T, 310~450Z
Power Plant Net
Typhoon Red fan Typhoon A-B-G, 310~450Z
Power Plant Net
Huricane Blue fan Huricane G-I-J, 460~600Z
Cyclone Grey fan Cyclone F-G-H, 460~600Z
WWW Net, Internet-12
Snakegg1 Green snake Snakegg1 B-E-M, 460~600Z
WWW Net, Internet-12, 14
Snakegg2 Yellow snake Snakegg2 C-E-P, 460~550Z
WWW Net, Internet-14
Snakegg3 Purple snake Snakegg3 A-C-S, 460~550Z
Drain1 Red mosquitoes Drain1 A-K-O, 360~500Z
Internet-5, 6, 8
Drain2 Purple mosquitoes Drain2 A-N-T, 460~600Z
Miyu's mirror, Internet-11
Drain3 Yellow mosquitoes Drain3 A-F-Q, 460~600Z
BodyBurn Red bird BodyBurn E-F-K, 360~450Z
Den Town's class, Internet-9, 14, 16
IronShld Red hog with shield IronShld A-B-O-R-T, 460~600Z
IronShld2 Grey hog with shield 2000Z
Soda Machine 1
IronShld3 Blue hog with shield 3000Z
TimeBom1 Grey hand TimeBom1 J-L, 110~250Z
School Net, WWW Net
TimeBom2 Blue hand TimeBom2 C-J, 260~400Z
Dad's monitor, Internet-4
TimeBom3 Red hand TimeBom3 B-G-O, 460~600Z
Cloud White cloud with umbrella Cloud B-O-R, 210~350Z
Lobby's TV, Water Net
Cloudier Blue cloud with umbrella Cloudier I-M-P, 460~600Z
Sal's register, WWW Net, Internet-11
Cloudest Black cloud with umbrella Cloudest C-K-O, 460~600Z
Mine1 Yellow big guy Mine1 G-H-M, 360~450Z
Den Town Net, Internet-2, 6, 9
Mine2 Green big guy Mine2 C-J-L, 460~600Z
Mine3 Purple big guy Mine3 A-B-T, 460~600Z
Dynamit1 Brown camouflage rock Dynamit1 B-O-Q, 360~500Z
Sal's register, Internet-4
Dynamit2 Green camouflage rock Dynamit2 A-C-K, 460~600Z
Dynamit3 Grey camouflage rock Dynamit3 G-K-M, 460~600Z
Den Town's class
Remobit1 Pink thundergod Remobit1 A-C-O, 310~450Z
Car, Power Plant Net, Internet-6
Remobit2 Blue thundergod Remobit2 D-E-I, 360~500Z
WWW Net, Internet-9
Remobit3 Red thundergod Remobit3 G-P-Q, 460~600Z
WWW Net, Internet-14
Lockon1 Yellow machine gun Lockon1 D-H-I, 460~600Z
Lockon2 Green machine gun Lockon2 E-G-H, 460~600Z
Internet-10, 14
Lockon3 Purple machine gun Lockon3 D-K-N, 460~600Z
Candle1 Green demon with candle Candle1 C-P-S, 260~350Z
Miyu's mirror
Candle2 Red demon with candle Candle2 B-E-G, 460~600Z
WWW Net, Internet-15
Candle3 Purple demon with candle Candle3 A-H-M, 460~600Z
Miyu's vase
IceCube Blue bear IceCube A-C-L-M, 460~600Z
WWW Net, Internet-10, 11, 13
IceCube 2 Purple bear 2000Z
Water Net
IceCube 3 Brown bear 2000Z
Water Net
Invis1 Purple ghost Invis1 I-J-L, Recov10 G, 110~250Z
School Net, Mayl's
Invis2 Red ghost Invis2 A-C-J, Recov50 A, Recov80 A, 210~250Z
Dex's console, Water Net, Miyu's mirror, Internet-4
Invis3 White ghost Invis3 N, Recov10 C-L, Recov30 C, Recov50 E, Recov80 L, Recov120 L, Recov150 G, Recov200 A, 400Z
Internet-7, 8, 13
DropDown Red acorn DropDown B, 460~600Z
Popup Hiding dog Popup C-D-H-K-N
Internet-13, 14, 15
BblWrap1 Red and pink squid BblWrap1 E-G-I, 260~350Z
Den Town Net
BblWrap2 Purple and pink squid BblWrap2 D-F-H-N, 400~500Z
BblWrap3 Grey and brown squid BblWrap3 B-L-Q-R, 460~500Z
LeafShld Green acorn LeafShld C-Q, 460~550Z
Internet-14, 15
AquaAura Grey and blue head AquaAura L-R-S, 360~450Z
WWW Net, Internet-9, 16
FireAura Green and yellow head FireAura B-I, 500~580Z
WWW Net, Internet-15, 16
WoodAura Purple and green head WoodAura F, 460~600Z
WWW Net, Internet-16
Life Virus Giant green demon Nothing
Bosses, also called Navis
GutsMan Construction robot (Dex) Nothing
GutsMan2 Nothing
GutsMan3 GutsMan, GutsMan2, GutsMan3, GutsPnch B-M, 500~2000Z
ProtoMan Red swordsman with hair (Power Plant Net, Chaud) 3000Z
ProtoMn2 ProtoMan
ProtoMan3 ProtoMan, ProtoMn2, ProtoMn3, 500~2000Z
FireMan Fire robot (Oven, Internet-1) 1000Z
FireMan2 FireMan
FireMan3 FireMan, FireMan2, FireMan3, 500~2000Z
NumberMan Lightbulb robot (School Net, Higsby's) 1500Z
NumberMan2 NumbrMan
NumberMan3 NumbrMan, NumbrMn2, NumbrMn3, 500~2000Z
StoneMan Square rock robot (Internet-2, 3) 2000Z
StoneMan2 StoneMan
StoneMan3 StoneMan, StoneMn2, StoneMn3, 500~2000Z
IceMan Little eskimo robot (Water Net, Dr. Froid) 2500Z
IceMan2 IceMan
IceMan3 IceMan, IceMan2, IceMan3, 500~2000Z
ColorMan Multi-colored clown (Den Town Net, Internet-9) 3000Z
ColorMan2 ColorMan
ColorMan3 ColorMan, ColorMn2, ColorMn3, 500~2000Z
ElecMan Thunder black robot (Power Plant Net, Internet-6) 3500Z
ElecMan2 ElecMan
ElecMan3 ElecMan, ElecMan2, ElecMan3, 500~2000Z
BombMan Red padded robot (Internet-8, 11) 4000Z
BombMan2 BombMan
BombMan3 BombMan, BombMan2, BombMan3, 500~2000Z
MagicMan Blue robot with big nose (Internet-14, WWW Net) 5000Z
MagicMan2 MagicMan
MagicMan3 MagicMan, MagicMn2, MagicMn3, 500~2000Z
WoodMan Tree robot (Sal) 2000Z
WoodMan2 WoodMan
WoodMan3 WoodMan, WoodMan2, WoodMan3, 500~2000Z
SkullMan Skeleton robot (Miyu) 2500Z
SkullMan2 SkullMan
SkullMan3 SkullMan, SkullMn2, SkullMn3, 500~2000Z
SharkMan Shark robot (Masa) 3000Z
SharkMan2 SharkMan
SharkMan3 SharkMan, SharkMn2, SharkMn3, 500~2000Z
ShadoMan Ninja robot (Internet-15) ShadoMan
ShadoMan SP ShadoMan, ShadoMn2, ShadoMn3, Muramasa K, 4000~6000Z
PharoMan Egyptian robot (Internet-12) PharoMan
PharoMan SP PharoMan, PharoMn2, PharoMn3, Anubis L, 4000~6000Z
Bass Cloaked black robot (Internet-16) LifeAura, 10000Z

This section should be used if you have trouble defeating

Enemy: Name of the enemy.
Type: Element assigned to the enemy.
HP: Hit Points of the enemy.
AtkEl: Element of the enemy's attack.
Dam: Standard damage of the attack.
(It can change depending on your protections and weaknesses)
Attack: Name of enemy's attack, if many.
Chips: Recommended Battle Chips to use.

Enemy Type HP AtkEl Dam Attack Chips
Cannon None 50 None 10 Cannon series, LilBomb
HiCannon None 80 None 40 Cannon series, CrosBomb
M-Cannon None 100 None 100 Cannon series, BigBomb
Bubbler Water 100 Water 30 Cannon series, TriArrow
Heater Fire 100 Fire 30 Cannon series, AquaTowr
LilBomb None 80 None 15 Wave, AquaTowr
CrosBomb None 120 None 80 RedWave, FireTowr
BigBomb None 150 None 140 BigWave, Gaia series
LongSwrd None 90 None 60 Sword WideSwrd
None 40 LongSwrd
FireSwrd Fire 120 None 60 LongSwrd AquaSwrd
Fire 60 FireSwrd
AquaSwrd Water 200 None 80 LongSwrd ElecSwrd
Water 80 AquaSwrd
ShokWave None 40 None 10 Cannon series, Spreader
SoniWave None 60 None 40 Cannon series, TriSpear
DynaWave None 100 None 100 Cannon series, TriLance
FireTowr Fire 80 Fire 15 AquaTowr, Bubbler
AquaTowr Water 120 Water 50 Thunder series, LilBomb
WoodTowr Wood 100 Wood 100 FireSwrd, Heater
Quake1 None 60 None 20 Sword series, CrosBomb
Quake2 None 120 None 60 Sword series, BigBomb
Quake3 None 150 None 100 BigWave, Gaia series
Dash None 80 None 30 Sword series, HiCannon
Howitzer None 60 None 30 Cannon series, TriArrow
Howitzer2 None 70 None 30 Cannon series, TriSpear
Howitzer3 None 80 None 30 Cannon series, TriLance
TriArrow None 100 None 50 Cannon series, LilBomb
TriSpear None 150 None 70 Cannon series, CrosBomb
TriLance None 200 None 120 Cannon series, BigBomb
Ratton1 None 60 None 70 Wave, CrosBomb
Ratton2 None 80 None 85 RedWave, Gaia series
Ratton3 None 100 None 100 BigWave, BigBomb
Wave Water 120 Water 200 Thunder series, LilBomb
RedWave Fire 150 Fire 200 Bubbler, AquaTowr
BigWave Water 200 Water 300 Remobit series, TimeBom series
Gaia1 None 150 None 200 Sword series, Typhoon
Gaia2 None 200 None 300 Sword series, Huricane
Gaia3 None 300 None 400 Sword series, Cyclone
Thunder1 Elec 100 Elec 100 WoodTowr, Sword series
Thunder2 Elec 150 Elec 140 WoodTowr, Sword series
Thunder3 Elec 200 Elec 180 WoodTowr, Sword series
RingZap1 Elec 150 Elec 100 WoodTowr, Sword series
RingZap2 Elec 200 Elec 100 WoodTowr, Sword series
RingZap3 Elec 250 Elec 100 WoodTowr, Sword series
Typhoon None 100 None 80 Wave, Earthquake series
Huricane None 140 None 120 RedWave, Earthquake series
Cyclone None 180 None 160 BigWave, Earthquake series
Snakegg1 Wood 200 Wood 200 DynaWave BigBomb
Wood 200 Snakegg1
Snakegg2 Elec 250 Elec 200 Elec WoodTowr
Elec 200 Snakegg2
Snakegg3 Fire 300 Fire 200 Fire Gaia series, HeroSwrd
Fire 200 Snakegg3
Fire 100 Fire2
Drain1 None 200 None 50 Sword series, TriArrow
Drain2 None 200 None 100 Sword series, TriSpear
Drain3 None 200 None 200 Sword series, TriLance
BodyBurn Fire 150 Fire 150 Dash AquaSwrd
Fire 30 Fire
IronShld None 120 None 40 Ratton series, FtrSword
IronShld2 None 200 None 40 Ratton series, KngtSwrd
IronShld3 None 250 None 40 Ratton series, HeroSwrd
TimeBom1 None 80 None 30 Gaia series, FtrSword
TimeBom2 None 200 None 100 Gaia series, KngtSwrd
TimeBom3 None 300 None 200 Gaia series, HeroSwrd
Cloud Water 120 Water 30 Remobit series, Thunder series
Cloudier Water 140 Water 80 Remobit series, Thunder series
Cloudest Water 160 Water 120 Remobit series, Thunder series
Mine1 None 100 None 100 Earthquake series, Howitzer
Mine2 None 120 None 180 Earthquake series, Howitzer
Mine3 None 140 None 300 Earthquake series, Howitzer
Dynamit1 None 100 None 200 Mine series, Gaia series
Dynamit2 None 250 None 200 Mine series, Gaia series
Dynamit3 None 300 None 200 Mine series, Gaia series
Remobit1 Elec 80 Elec 100 SoniWave, KngtSwrd
Remobit2 Elec 100 Elec 150 DynaWave, KngtSwrd
Remobit3 Elec 120 Elec 200 Howitzer, HeroSwrd
Lockon1 None 200 None 60 FtrSword, TriArrow
Lockon2 None 240 None 100 KngtSwrd, TriSpear
Lockon3 None 300 None 160 HeroSwrd, TriLance
Candle1 Fire 160 Fire 100 Bubbler, ShokWave
Candle2 Fire 200 Fire 150 AquaTowr, SoniWave
Candle3 Fire 300 Fire 200 AquaSwrd, DynaWave
IceCube Water 200 Water 100 Thunder series, Gaia series
IceCube 2 Water 250 Water 60 LilBomb, TriArrow
IceCube 3 Water 300 Water 60 Cannon series, Howitzer
Invis1 None 50 None 15 Sword series, Wave
Invis2 None 100 None 60 Sword series, RedWave
Invis3 None 120 None 120 Sword series, BigWave
DropDown Wood 120 Wood 180 FireSwrd, BigBomb
Popup None 10 None 0 WoodMan, ShadoMan
BblWrap1 Water 60 Water 80 Thunder series, TriArrow
BblWrap2 Water 90 Water 120 Thunder series, TriSpear
BblWrap3 Water 150 Water 160 Thunder series, TriLance
LeafShld Wood 250 Wood 140 FireSwrd, Cannon series
AquaAura None 200 None 100 ElecSwrd, Remobit series
FireAura None 250 None 160 AquaSwrd, BigWave
WoodAura None 300 None 240 FireSwrd, Snakegg3
Life Virus None 1000 None 200 WideSwrd HeroSwrd, Good Version 3 Navi
None 200 Laser
None 200 Meteor
Water 80 AquaTowr
Fire 80 Fire
Wood 80 WoodTowr
Elec 80 Thunder
Bosses, also called Navis
GutsMan None 200 None 20 ShokWave Cannon series, Sword series
None 30 GutsPnch
None 20 Guts Hammer
GutsMan2 400 None 20 ShokWave
None 30 GutsPnch
None 20 Guts Hammer
GutsMan3 600 None 60 ShokWave
None 80 GutsPnch
None 60 Guts Hammer
ProtoMan None 500 Sword series, Remobit series
ProtoMan2 600
ProtoMan3 700 None 200 LongSwrd
None 200 WideSwrd
FireMan Fire 300 Cannon series, Sword series
FireMan2 400
FireMan3 500 Fire 20 Fire Arm
Fire 15 FireTowr
Fire 10 Banner Bomb
NumberMan None 500 Cannon series, Bomb series
NumberMan3 700 None 20 Number Ball
None 40 Count Bomb
None 10x Dice Bomb
StoneMan None 600 FireTowr, SoniWave
StoneMan3 800 None 30 Stone
None 70 Laser
IceMan Water 500 FireMan, Steal
IceMan3 700 Water 30 Freeze Bomb
Water 60 IceCube
ColorMan None 600 Remobit series, Bomb series
ColorMan3 800 None 100 Ball
Fire 100 FireTowr
Water 100 AquaTowr
ElecMan Elec 600 WoodMan, Steal
ElecMan3 800 Elec 200 Elec1
Elec 100 Elec2
BombMan Fire 800 Steal, TimeBom series
BombMan3 1000 Fire 140 Bomb Shoot
Fire 100x Stress Mine
MagicMan None 700 Gaia series, Popup
MagicMan3 900 Fire 160 Magic Fire
... ... Virus Call
WoodMan Wood 500 Heater, FireSwrd
WoodMan3 700 Wood 50 WoodTowr
Wood 50 Desforest
SkullMan None 600 Roll, Bomb series
SkullMan3 800 Fire 80 Fire
None 80 Sickle
None 100 Head Crush
SharkMan Water 700 GutsMan, Heater
SharkMan3 900 Water 120 Heel
Water 80 AquaTowr
ShadoMan None 800 None 200 Popup, DropDown
ShadoMan SP 1000
PharoMan None 800 Good Version 3 Navi, HeroSwrd
PharoMan SP 1000 None 200 Laser
None 200 PharoTrap
None 100 Ratton
None 100 Arrow
Fire 100 Egg Snake
Bass None 1000 None ??? Good Version 3 Navi, Gaia series

When you finish a battle, you will be given a rating. The better the rating,
the better the Zenny or chance to get a
Battle Chip.
Here's how you calculate your rating. (1-lowest, 10-higher, S-Best)

Time: The sooner you finish the battle, the higher the rating.
Normal enemies: <=5 seconds: 7 points
>5 ~ <=12 seconds: 6 points
>12 ~ <=36 seconds: 5 points
>36 seconds: 4 points
Bosses: <=30 seconds: 10 points
>30 ~ <=40 seconds: 8 points
>40 ~ <=50 seconds: 6 points
>50 seconds: 4 points

Damage: The less your damage, the higher the rating.
0 hit: 1 point
1 hit: ±0 point
2 hits: -1 point
3 hits: -2 points
4+ hits: -3 points

Movement: The less you move, the higher the rating.
0~2 moves: 1 point
3+ moves: ±0 point

Simultaneous: The more enemies you delete at the same time, the higher the rating.
Two at the same time: 2 points
Three at the same time: 4 points

Higsby's store, you will find two machines. If you put some Battle Chips of your
choice, you can obtain another one, sometimes very rare!
As you can see, the type of chip you put as nothing to do with the one you get.

3-chips machine:

10-chips machine:

Here, you will find a quick walkthrough that will help you advance on your quest.
But I warn you: It's very generic.

Scenario 1

1-1: Lan's house
-Get your PET on your desk.
-Get the CrossGun C in your E-mail.
-Get the Recov10 A chip on the dinner table.
-Go to school.
1-2: School & Training
-Talk to everyone in class until the bell rings.
-Start the battle training. (R-Button)
-Go back home.
1-3: First walk on the 'net
-Jack into Internet with your computer.
-Meet Glyde and find the missing Program on Internet.
-Log into Yai's portrait via the Internet.
-Jack out.
1-4: Oven Trouble
-Go to the kitchen and jack into the oven.
-Talk to a little guy that will give you Ice Blocks that will help you to
make your way through the fire.
1-5: Water Gun
-MegaMan will be stuck, so get your Water Gun in your room and use it on
the oven.
1-6: FireMan
-Continue into the oven and fight FireMan.
-Don't stand in front of FireMan when he's raising his arms and shoot him
whenever you get the chance.
1-7: Sleep
-Go to sleep

Scenario 2

2-1: A new teacher
-Go to school.
-Meet the new teacher: Mr. Higsby.
-Talk to everyone.
2-2: The school's been hacked!
-Go to the blackboard and talk to Mayl to get Roll Battle Chip.
-Jack into school's network via the blackboard.
2-3: Find the password
-Unlock the green doors by entering a 2-number password, the password
changes about every five times if you put a bad one.
Some passwords are fixed: 9, 30, 15.
-Free MegaMan by unlocking the left-most terminal in the AV room.
2-4: Free Ms. Mari
-Untie the teacher who is in the closet and talk to her.
2-5: NumberMan
-Enter the server room by touching the panel next to it and fight NumberMan.
-NumberMan does not move, stand in front of him and blast him.

Scenario 3

3-1: The Metroline is stuck
-Read Dad's E-mail.
-Go to the Metroline to confirm it's not working.
-Try to access Internet-2, next to Dex's access.
3-2: Where is the Recov50 L?
-Dex is searching for a Recov50 L.
-Jack into Mayl's piano and get the chip.
3-3: GutsMan
-Fight GutsMan.
-Avoid staying right in front of GutsMan too long, move a lot.
-Get Dex's link for Internet-2.
3-4: Search for hints
-Jack into the Internet and access Internet-2.
-Take a left in the beginning and look for the Metroline's problem.
3-5: StoneMan
-Fight StoneMan.
-StoneMan does not move, shoot him and move when you see a large shadow
under you.
3-6: Take the Metroline
-Jack out and use the Metroline to get to the Government Complex.
-Fight with Sal to get her link to access Internet-3 later.
-Take the red elevator to reach Dad's lab.
-As you get to Dad's lab, jack into his computer and talk to the
little robot to leave a message.
3-7: Message from Dad
-Go back home and get Dad's E-mail attachments: HPMemory and PowerUp.
-Go to sleep.

Scenario 4

4-1: Water panic
-Talk to Mom.
-Go to school.
4-2: Official Netbattler Chaud
-Go to SciLab and meet Chaud.
-Get the SciLabID from Dad's lab coat.
-Get into the Water Works facility and talk to Chaud again.
4-3: Lunch time!
-Wait in Dad's lab for lunch time.
-Jack into the Water Works facility network with the water cooler next
to the blue elevator.
4-4: ProtoMan
-Meet ProtoMan and continue your way.
-Turn on and off pipes to access deeper areas.
4-5: Cold Bears
-At the fourth section, you'll fight the Cold Bears and unfreeze the network.
4-6: Poison water
-Go back to school and see a poisoned man.
-Get to the Metroline and read your mail.
-Check the car next to the school to free the boy and get the Handle program.
4-7: Figure skating
-Jack into the Water Works network again and use the
Handle on the faucet that didn't have one to access the fifth section.
-Don't forget to get the PowerUp hidden below the large iced area.
4-8: IceMan
-Fight IceMan.
-IceMan moves a lot, and you should do the same when he shoots his bombs.

Scenario 5

5-1: Mayl's mail
-Meet Roll by jacking into your computer and send back an E-mail by logging
into Mayl's computer via the Internet.
5-2: Den Town
-Get to Den Town with the Metroline and visit the city's class in Den Block 4.
-Get to Den Block 2 and enter Miyu's shop.
-Fight SkullMan to get Miyu's link for Internet-4.
-Go to ACDC Town to meet Mayl.
-Go back to Den Town and get Roll2 by E-mail.
5-3: Den Block 1
-Get to Den Block 1 and see the trafic lights go crazy.
-Jack into Den Town's network with the light post.
-Travel trough the puzzled network until you solve the problem.
5-4: Madd
-Jack out and meet Madd in Den Central.
-Get to Den Block 4 and jack in again.
-Get a message from Mayl and jack into Den Block 2.
-Repeat the process with Den Block 3.
-Get to Den Central and jack in again.
-Finally, jack into the bus to stop ColorMan.
5-5: ColorMan
-Fight ColorMan.
-ColorMan does not attack much, but has two penguins to complicate matters.

Scenario 6

6-1: Let's party!
-Get a mail from Dad.
-Talk to Mom about the party.
-Go back to SciLab and fight with Masa, he will give you a HPMemory.
-Go to the lobby and meet Chaud.
-WALK into the lobby in front of the TV, do not run if you want to access the next part.
6-2: Restaurant
-Meet Dad and Mom and get to the restaurant.
-Talk to everyone and Count Zap will shut off the lights.
-Leave the restaurant and get into the Dust bin.
-Visit the power plant, talk to everybody twice to access the console in the last
6-3: Jack-in!
-Jack into the power plant's network.
(If you deplete all MegaMan's energy, you'll have to use a small generator.
NOTE: If you don't recover all of MegaMan's energy, you will lose PERMANENT HP!)
-Half of the way is invisible, try to find your way in the dark.
-Meet a little guy that will give you batteries.
-Try to place the batteries in the good sockets and turn on the switch to
make a way appear.
-If you need help for the batteries, go to the FAQ section.
6-4: Shut the power
-Meet ElecMan and try to fight him.
-Go to the next room and shut down the power.
-Fight ElecMan.
-ElecMan moves a lot, but try to stay in the middle.
6-5: ProtoMan attack!
-After you beat ElecMan, ProtoMan will challenge you.
-ProtoMan is a pushover: Wait for five moves and use a powerful attack when he
is right in your face, repeat.

Scenario 7

7-1: Search for clues
-Talk to scientific next to the elevator at SciLab.
-Meet Chaud in Den Central.
-Back to Higsby's, get behind the counter and talk to Higsby.
-He will give you Hig Memo, for Internet-5.
7-2: Internet accesses
-Fight at the Internet-5 access.
7-3: Get the Link Memos
-Get Higsby's E-mail and talk to three people:
-A scientist in the lobby of SciLab (Lab memo, Internet-6).
-The teacher of the Den Town's summer class (Yuri memo, Internet-7).
-An old man in ACDC Town (Pa's memo, Internet-8).
7-4: Deeper in the 'net
-Use the three Link Memos to access Internet areas 6, 7 and 8.
-Fight BombMan.
-BombMan moves and hides himself behind bombs, use long range attacks.
7-5: No access?
-Jack out and talk to Dad at SciLab.
-Sleep at home.

Scenario 8

8-1: WWW's attack
-Wake up and look at the WWW leader on TV.
-Go to Higsby's and get the Metroline pass on the counter.
-Talk to the Metroline employees.
-Search behind the statue in front of the school entrance.
-Try to enter the Metroline and trigger the alarm.
8-2: Hack the card
-Go see Dad to make him modify your pass.
-Get to WWW's lair and free the people tied up.
8-3: Floor locks
-Jack into the first locked door:
-Revisit FireMan's lair until you reach the lock.
-Get Roll3 from Yai.
-Jack into the second locked door:
-Revisit NumberMan's lair until you reach the lock.
-Jack into the third locked door:
-Revisit IceMan's lair until you reach the lock.
-Jack into the fourth locked door:
-Revisit ColorMan's lair until you reach the lock.
8-4: WWW's leader picture
-Enter the room and jack into the picture:
-Revisit ElecMan's lair until you reach a little guy.
-WARNING! Point of no return! Save your game before going beyond the
little guy, because you will not be able to save after MagicMan.
8-5: MagicMan
-Fight MagicMan.
-MagicMan does not move, but summons other enemies to complicate matters.
8-6: Hacking Rocket
-Get the hub.bat program from Chaud.
-Enter the passage behind the picture and talk to the bad guy.
-Fight Life Virus.
-Life Virus does not move, but has a 100-points shield and summons allies.
-Don't stay close to him when he's done charging.


Here's what the menu is used for:

Folder: Choose your deck of Battle Chips between your active (left) and inactive deck (right).
Library: See which of the 175 chips you got and which you didn't.
MegaMan: See your stats, install PowerUps, change Armor.
E-mail: Read your mail, use often.
Items: Show the items you have, almost useless.
Network: Exchange Battle Chips or battle using a game link.
Save: Save your game.
Return: Close the window.

Cleaning Chip Folder
Organizing your
Battle Chips in your Chip Folder can be tedious if you forget this.
While in your Chip Folder (Right or Left side), press Start and you will be able to
sort them in six ways:

1- By ID. (Order in your Chip Library)
2- By Alphabet. (In Japanese version, Katakana order)
3- By Letter. (The letter in the lower-right corner of the chip)
4- By Attack.
5- By Element. (None, Elec, Fire, Water, Wood)
6- By Quantity. (Number of chips you have for the same chip)

And if you choose the same type again, the order will be reversed.

Important Items

HPMemory: Adds 20 permanent points to your HP. (Raise your level by 1)
PowerUp: Upgrades your buster gun up to five points for each stats. (Level + 4)
(Don't forget to equip once you have them and they are permanent)
Attack: Adds a point of damage for each shot.
Rapid: Speeds up your shooting.
Charge: Speeds up your charging. (You need at least two to charge)
Armor: Armor you can equip to protect you from attacks. (Level + 8)
Aqua Armor: Protects from fire attacks.
Fire Armor: Protects from wood attacks.
Wood Armor: Protects from electric attacks.
Mystery Data: Those crystals are found in the cyberspace and contain zennies or
Battle Chips. Some of them are random and return every time you jack-in.
PET: Your PErsonal Terminal, you get it in the beginning.
WaterGun: Used to tame the oven's fire, found in Lan's drawer.
IceBlock: Used to stop fire in the oven, got from a program guy.
SchoolID: ID Card for the teacher's lounge, got from Ms. Mari.
SciLabID: ID Card for the Water Works, got in Dad's lab coat.
Message: Message to Dr. Froid, got from Dr. Froid's kid
Handle: Program for the Water Works, got from Dr. Froid's kid
Dentures: Old man's dentures, found in a tree in ACDC's park
WWW Pass: Metroline pass for the WWW' lair got from Higsby.
WWW PIN: Access for locked area on the Internet, got from Dr. Froid.
@Yai: Address to Yai's homepage, got from Glyde.
@Mayl: Address to Mayl's homepage, got in Mayl's piano.
@Dex: Address to Dex's homepage, got in Dex's PC.
@Dad: Address to Dad's homepage, got in Dad's PC.
@Sal: Address to Sal's homepage, got in Sal's register.
@Miyu: Address to Miyu's homepage, got in Miyu's mirror.
@Masa: Address to Masa's homepage, got in Masa's register.
@WWW: Address to WWW's server, got from BombMan.
/Dex: Link to Internet-2, got from Dex.
/Sal: Link to Internet-3, got from Sal.
/Miyu: Link to Internet-4, got from Miyu.
Hig Memo: Link to Internet-5, got from Higsby.
Lab Memo: Link to Internet-6, got from a SciLab's scientific.
YuriMemo: Link to Internet-7, got from Yuri.
Pa'sMemo: Link to Internet-8, got from an old man in ACDC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm stuck! What do I have to do next?
A: This is a RPG: Talk to everyone, check every area again, check your e-mail often.
Q: I cannot find the password to unlock the door in NumberMan's lair.
A: This is tricky if you have the Japanese version: the password changes
every five times.
On the middle of the first line you can see a Japanese character that can be
either "small" or "big".
"Small" is a vertical line with one small line on each side: the password is too
"Big" is a horizontal line and a vertical one crossing it and separating in two
in the middle: the password is too big.
Q: I cannot open the last door to NumberMan in the school's network
A: If you're playing on emulator, I have heard you cannot go any further, sorry... Play the real game!
Q: I have trouble with the batteries in Elec Man's lair.
A: Here's a little diagram. Check carefully the switch position.
Check also the maps at:
   S = Switch
   ABCDE = Batteries
   X = Nothing

   1st set:
   S  X

   2nd set:
      A  X
   S  X  X
      X  B

   3rd set:
      X  X  X
      X  D  X
   S  C  X  E

   4th set:
      A  X  B
   S  X  X  X
      X  X  X
   (Keep one battery)

   5th set:
      A  X  X
      X  B  X
      X  X  C
   (1-Place battery C and go back to take batteries A&B)
   (2-Place batteries A&B and take back battery C)

   6th set:
   S  X  X  A  X
      X  X  X  X
      C  X  B  X
   (1-Place battery C and go back to take batteries A&B)
   (2-Place batteries A&B and take back battery C)

   7th set:
   There's only one socket.

   8th set:
   S  X  X  X  A
      B  X  X  X
      X  X  X  C
Q: Where is [insert Navi name here] Version 2 or Version 3?
A: The Version 2 bosses (FireMan, StoneMan, ElecMan, BombMan, ColorMan, MagicMan,
PharoMan, ShadoMan) are always hidden in dead-ends on the Internet.
As for the Version 3, they are random on the Internet, but Version 2 need to be found first.
Q: PharoMan and ShadoMan are nowhere to be found, what gives?
A: You need to be at level 70 or more to see PharoMan and you need to have at
least 140 different Battle Chips in your Library for ShadoMan
Q: Where is Bass?
A: You need to:
Have a star next to "continue" (i.e. beaten the game at least once)
Have 174 Battle Chips in your database
Be over level 70
Find Bass randomly in Internet-16
Q: Can I get Bass? (Battle Chip #176)
A: You can try to get it from the Chip Trader Machines. You can also get Bass
at special events from Capcom. (As with "Mew" in "Pokémon")
Q: I cannot enter Internet areas 11 to 16.
A: Those areas need a special condition to be entered.
For Internet-14, you need to collect at least 10 chips from Internet-13.
Some areas can be accessed if you had a good Busting Level or didn't escape in the previous area,
if you fail, you need to return to the beginning of the area.
Check the Internet section for more details.
Q: I cannot get the Battle Chip I want in battle, what can I do?
A: Some Battle Chips need a Busting Level of 10 or S. (see section 11)
But even if you don't move, get no damage and delete your enemy in a second,
you will get a maximum level of 9 . The trick is to defeat your enemy at the same
time as another one in the same battle. This will raise your Busting Level.
Q: I have trouble defeating enemies, can you give me tips?
A: Sure!
1- Charge your Buster, fire, then use an offensive Battle Chip right after for
maximum damage. The Buster-Sword or Buster-Cannon combos are very effective.
2- Also, there's a trick for evading the "wave-type" attacks:
For example, when a Gaia Hammer do its explosion wave attack, try to walk THROUGH
the wave and if you time it correctly, you will not take damage!
3- Try to keep a balanced deck of Battle Chips by having long-range attacks,
multiple enemies attacks, direct attacks, shields and effects chips.
Q: What are the Mystery Data that says it cannot be decoded?
A: Those are Battle Chips you already have. Don't bother trying to get them.
Q: How can I got money fast?
A: Although I do not recommend it because of damage you could inflict to your cartridge, save just before you take a Mystery Data and if you don't have a good amount of money, then reset. (Start,Select,B,A)
Q: How can I fight a specific enemy in random places?
A: Same thing as in the previous question: save, run around and if you don't like the enemy, then reset. (Start, Select,B,A) It's very good for fighting random bosses on Internet. The same Battle Chips often return that way, so exchange them with powerful one!
Q: How can I get the Battle Chip I want in the Chip Trader Machines?
A: Ditto. Look previous question.
Q: How can I be more effecient in the game?
A: Use the HTML version of this file and maps (Yes, maps!) at:


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