Data Graveyard

On the Internet, the information comes and goes as it pleases... Sometimes it vanishes forever, never to be found again. The Data Graveyard aims to change that by providing access to former websites or programs that were removed from their initial location.

Some of the content found within wasn't created by me, and was taken without permission. I do not claim ownership for anything below which wasn't featured before on this website.

Carddas Rockman.EXE archive

To go with the release of the first few Rockman EXE games in Japan, Carddas commercialized a trading card game based on the series. This is an archive of the website before it was shut down in 2004. It presents a full list of cards, several mentions of events, and more. All of the content is in Japanese.

Mega Man TCG

The site dedicated to the Mega Man Trading Card Game (TCG) stayed available for a while after the product line was dropped, but was seriously shrunk down from it's original version. The archive found within includes most of the content originally available, including the demo decks created to try out the game.

Mega Man 5 for PC demo

Back in 1999 and 2000, I worked on a remake of Mega Man 5 for the PC. The project died before the second demo could be released, and it was pulled from the website in 2002. Enough people have requested it over the years, so I'm putting it back online. Note that this "game" is far from complete, lacks a lot of polish, and has several bugs. The project won't be resumed.

To be found inside is a modified copy of the information pages that used to be available. The layout was updated to match the current website, while a bit of incorrect our outdated information has been corrected. The bulk of the text, most mistakes included, has been kept intact.

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