Mega Man TCG

The Mega man Trading Card Game (TCG) was released at the height of popularity of the Mega Man NT Warrior fanchise. While the cards released are almost all focused on the Battle Network universe, it was meant to be expanded to the other series eventually. However, the company behind the game, Decipher, faced some financial troubles and was forced to scale down their operations quite a bit. As such, the Mega Man TCG was discontinued.

A website is still available to provide some basic information on the cards, but most of the content originally available was removed over time. You'll find most of that content below.


The first file here contains the full instructions to play the games, based on the "Grave" card set. The second contains a list of corrections and additional details.

Demo deck

You can print the following pages in order to build yourself a demo deck. That way, you can try out the game before investing in the actual cards. Some simple instructions are given on each page to tell you how many copies you need to print.

Card lists

Three full sets of cards were released, in the following order: "Power Up", "Grand Prix", and "Grave". Two additional lists are also available, which include the cards available through special events. Those couldn't be purchased from stores in the usual way.

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