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Here is a listing of various Mega Man sites. There are MANY Mega Man websites on the Internet, and this is my attempt to have a comprehensive list. The links to the sites are stored in various categories so you can find more quickly whatever it is that you're looking for. I've put together a listing of my own recommended sites on a special page dedicated to them. Also, if you're aware of a site that isn't listed here, please submit it! You can help to improve this listing!

Character specific (2)

The sites that use a single character or a group of characters as their theme are regrouped in this category, as long as another location isn't more appropriate.

Fan sites (9)

These sites are those that focus on content generated by the fans, for the fans. This includes fanart, fan fiction and fan games, among others.

Foreign languages (1)

These sites are most interestig to Mega Man fans who understand another language besides English, such as Spanish, German, ...

Media (3)

The primary goal of these sites is to create a huge media archive which might include sprites, music, artwork, or something else.

Message boards (3)

Online forums meant for discussion and communication between fans are located in this category. This applies only to message boards that aren't related to any website, or to the ones that regroup many websites.

Miscellaneous (12)

All the websites that don't quite fit in any other category are gathered here. These are usually general purpose sites.

Official sites (2)

These are the websites created by the various companies involved with Mega Man to give information on the series, the games and the merchandise.

Series specific (5)

Websites that are related to a single series or timeline from the Mega Man universe are found here.

Sprite comics (1)

Online webcomics using sprites from various Mega Man games to tell a story or make a series of jokes are linked here.

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