MegaChess is an online version of the very popular chess game. I'm sure you know how to play chess, so I won't cover that here. If you need help, search the Internet: you'll find many great tutorials.

This game is made for two players, human versus human. There is no computer to play against. You need a friend to play with you! To either create or join a game, select a room to play in, then enter your name in the Username field, and choose which side you'll play on. You need to have decided with your friend beforehand, since you can't both play on the same side of the board! When you're ready, hit the Join game button.

The main game interface is separated in many areas. On the left area, you can see the main board, with your pieces as well as your opponent's. If you want to change your point of view, you can simply hit the Flip Board button. This is especially useful for the player on the black side. The middle area lists all moves done during the game as a quick reference. Piece insertion and resets are also listed. The right area itself is split in three zones: the top one allows you to enter moves, insert pieces and do resets. The middle is simply used to post text in the chat area, and the complete bottom-right zone displays the latest chat messages.

To move a piece, enter it in the appropriate field. The moves must be entered in the form: A1-A3, where the first position indicates where the piece is currently located, and the second position points where should the piece go. Pieces that have been killed by a move are automatically removed from the board. If an error was made and a piece needs to be restored, or to change paws that reached the far end of the board, you can use the options just below the one to add a piece. Choose which piece you need, the coordinates where it should go (in the form A1), and hit Insert. Warning! There's no validation done if the moves are legal or not! It's up to the players to check their own actions.

Also, if you go into a game room and there are players currently playing, please be nice and don't disturb their game. The room will be available later on. When coming in a room, ask if there are people present so you don't disturb anyone!

Here are the equivalents between regular Chess pieces and the Mega Man version:

White Black

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