Rockman 6 remixes

Part of the Rockman 6 (Mega Man 6) soundtrack was remade with more advanced technology in 1995 and 1996 for the release of the two Mega Man Original Series-based arcade games. A few years later, the set of remixes was completed for the Japanese release of the Rockman Complete Works, a compilation of the main six NES titles for the Playstation. These tracks have since been included in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

Name Filesize
Blizzard Man 1.73 MB
Boss Battle 1.52 MB
Boss Selected 108 kB
Centaur Man 1.35 MB
Credits 1.59 MB
Ending Medley 3.28 MB
Final battle 1.66 MB
Flame Man 1.79 MB
Game Over 62 kB
Introduction 516 kB
Japanese Ending (Roll's theme)2.98 MB
Knight Man 2.02 MB
Mr. X Intro 131 kB
Mr. X theme 1.50 MB
Password 857 kB
Plant Man 857 kB
Select Stage 955 kB
Stage Clear 76 kB
Title Screen 381 kB
Tomahawk Man 1.82 MB
Weapon 593 kB
Wily Defeated 100 kB
Wily Intro 139 kB
Wily theme 1.58 MB
Wind Man 1.86 MB
Yamato Man 1.62 MB

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