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MegaCards: back online!
Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 10 January 2003 at 16:38 [Link]

I bet you didn't saw that one coming, eh? ;-) I'm proud to say that the MegaCards mini-site is back online! I spent a while recoding the whole thing, to remove any possible bugs and add some minor features.

Now, if you weren't here last March, you might be asking yourself: "What is a MegaCard?". Here is the description from the mini-site: "The MegaCards central is a system allowing you to send an electronic greeting card to someone of your choice. You choose a picture, some colors, enter a text, and send it. The receipent receives an e-mail telling him/her to get his card, by giving him/her a card ID to claim the card.". Feel free to take a look!

Also, if you weren't coming to this site before March 2002, you might be asking yourself why it wasn't available until now. The problem is that the computer hosting my host crashed 10 months ago, so I have to rebuild parts of the site one by one. Thank you for your patience!


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