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New Rockboard Translation!
Projects, by Dr. Cossack on 17 June 2001 at 23:00

New Rockboard Translation Patch!
After a long wait, I finally did another translation patch for the Rockboard translation! Here is what's new:


  • The title screen is completely in English now.
  • Some of the in-game menues have been translated.
  • The Met Race mini-game has been given a custom font, and is now completely translated.
  • Some of the setup menues text as been improved.
  • A small part of the in-game text has been translated.
  • I've learned a lot more about how the game works, so I'll be able to work faster.

The new patch brings the game to be 10% translated now. I've also updated all pages related to the Rockboard Translation to show the current translation status. Get the new patch now!

Release dates
According to the Mega Man Battle Network page on Capcom website, MMBN is now scheduled to be released on the October 15, 2001. Another delay for that game...

A bit late, but...
This was reported a few days ago, but I couldn't post it here before. On Capcom Japan website, at this page, you can see another upcoming event for the Japanese company. There, gamers with a GBA and Rockman EXE will be able to unlock a new character for the game: Forte (Bass) EXE! Fans of Bass will be please to know that he is in the game.

Rockman EXE 2 as also be announced, with a novelty that was only going with the original series games so far: the infamous "design your own robot master" is opened for EXE 2! This means that some robots we will encounter in this game will be done by fans!

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