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Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 25 June 2001 at 23:00

New Fan Art
Spring Man sent me another of his great Fan Art pictures, so I added this one to the Fan Art section. This time, he drew an original character: Venom Hydra.

New Faxes
Capcom Japan blessed us with another update to their great faxes. This time, two faxes are related to the upcoming Mega Man games:

The first fax shows more about Forte EXE (Bass EXE) in Rockman EXE (yes, Forte is in EXE 1. No known word about EXE 2 yet. Don't be mistaken like most people.) We see Mega Man EXE fighting him, then how Forte attacks the ennemies. Click here to view the fax.

The second fax is dedicated to Mega Man Xtreme 2 and X6. Capcom Japan finally put up some pictures of X6, something they didn't do before (last screens were from Capcom of America). We have some new screenshots of Xtreme 2, with the stages of Flame Mammoth, Sting Chameleon, Launch Octopus, Toxic Seahorse (yes, an X3 stage!) and another stage I don't recognize... We also see Iris and the new enemy (Soul Eraser). Iris isn't looking exactly as she did in X4. She doesn't have her hat, and her chest doesn't have the same colors. Finally, at the bottom of the fax, we see some screenshots of the Intro stage of X6. Click here to see this fax.

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