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Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 16 July 2001 at 23:00

... Oekaki!

On this third project in the line of the Dr. Cossack presents, I'm now releasing the Mega Man PC Website Oekaki board!. Now I know what you are thiking: "What's an oekaki?!" An oekaki board is a modified version of a message board. The goal here is to draw pictures using the oekaki applet. You do any kind of drawing on the page, you save it, explain it a little, then people can reply on the board, saying what they think of your picture. You also get to give feedback to the other artists' work. Here are a couple of details about the board:

  • The pictures and the comments are on the same page, for easy viewing.
  • You can choose the width and height of your pictures, between 25 and 400 pixels.
  • No passwords or registeration needed to draw.
  • Cookie-based system so you don't need to enter your username all the time.
  • Java-applet loading quickly to draw.
  • Many tips about using the oekaki system are on the drawing page.
  • And, please... No picture made in 30 seconds to test the oekaki. Please take the time to do a good picture.

Many thanks to Servbot #20 for giving me this great idea! Before going to draw, you definitely should check the Rules page. Now, go to the Oekaki board and DRAW!

Busy, busy...
I'll be working many hours in the following days. I'll try to keep the normal rate of updates for the website, but I might not be able to answer to e-mails as fast as I do it usually. Please bear with me, my job is allowing me to pay for this website :-)

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