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Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 30 July 2001 at 0:00 [Link]

Virus warning
There's a nasty virus running around these days. You'll get a message looking like this:

Hi! How are you?

[A sentence about asking for your advice]

See you later. Thanks

[Insert friend's name here]

If you get such an e-mail, do not open the attached file! The virus is hidden there. If you think you are affected by this virus, check this page to learn how to remove it from your system.

The end of the N64
Finally, we reached that day... The very last Nintendo 64 game was released in Japan last week. That game is a horse simulation. You can read to text on IGNPocket site here. The Nintendo Game Cube will be out the 14th September 2001. This means that there will not be any new games for a Nintendo home console for a month and a half.


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