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Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 3 April 2002 at 11:48

I'm still putting things back together... Since what I like to call The Great Crash, I've lost track of many things that I was planning to update, and I have a lot of schoolwork, so expect delays everywhere.


  • New layout: I'm still working on it. Hopefully, it should be up this weekend, along with the return of some sections, but I can't guarantee that.
  • FanArt: I'll try to understand the mess which is the status of this half-completed update and complete it.
  • Affiliation: They will be returning as soon as I complete the new layout. I was submitted a few affiliation requests in the past weeks that I never got to answer. Can you people please drop me a line if you are still interested? (Please, NO site that just started like a month ago). I've decided to be more strict about affiliates, so please think twice before sending a request.
  • E-mails: I'm finally starting to answer them today.

UPDATE: For the time being, I'll not report Mega Man news unless a major announcment is made (a new game announced, for example), as I want put my time on the website reconstruction. Thank you for your understanding.

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