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Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 14 April 2002 at 23:44

Ok, so I did not put the new layout back online in the last two weekends... Unfortunately, my semester at school is ending in a bit over a month, so the teachers keep throwing big assignments at me. While I'm still working on the site between two schoolworks, it isn't easy. Here's some more detailled info of the return of several sections:

  • New layout: Still not ready, but I did a lot of work on it this weekend. I'll try to complete it for next weekend, but again, you never know. It's getting closer, though.
  • MP3 Archive: This one appears to be more popular than I first thought... Yes, I still have all files on my computer, so you don't need to send me any of them (thanks anyway ;-) ). I've uploaded about 80% of the archive so far, and it will be one of the first sections to come back online.
  • Message Board: I'm waiting for the next version of the software before doing more work on it. It's supposed to be out very soon.
  • Oekaki Board: ... I'm still not sure about that one.
  • Fan Art: It will take some time, because I want to rework the section, and possibly make it database-driven for easier updating. Don't expect it to be back online before the end of my school semester (at the end of May)
  • E-mails: Allow me some time to answer please... My timeframe is limited.

Other sections will come back online as soon as I can. The above info might change depending of my crazy school schedule. *goes to sleep*

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