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Anniversary and Misc. News
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 6 May 2002 at 22:03

I thought I should try to keep everyone informed...

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of this website (it started back in 2000). Thanks to everyone still sticking around! We are getting through some hard times, but the best is yet to come :-)

I now have less than 2 weeks left of school. Unfortunately, I'm overloaded with school assignments and such, so my time frame is very limited. I have my last exam on the May 16th, so everything will be moving MUCH faster after that. Until then, I have to say that I'll not be able to answer to most e-mails. I know that some of you wrote to me quite a while back, but I really can't do anything for now.

Release dates and E3
I thought I should put a few news up on the way... In no particular order:

  • Rockman Zero was released in Japan some days ago.
  • The release of Mega Man Zero in North America was delayed until September. Who didn't saw it coming??
  • E3 is coming fast. What kinda news will Capcom throw at us this year? Remember, last year saw the announcement of Mega Man X6.

Until next time...

- Dr. Cossack

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