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Site news, posted by Dr. Cossack on 17 May 2002 at 2:14 [Link]

All right! School's over for three months, so I now have time to really work on the website. I've just reuploaded the Music Archive and the MMBN Info section. I know that a couple of MP3s are missing. Just give me enough time, and I'll get to those eventually. Hopefully, having those two sections back online will stop the e-mails saying: "i cant get 2 the music". :-P

I also used that occassion to complete the new layout. While it was up for this page and the Contact page, it wasn't ready to support the different sections. It now is, and it's looking great (if I can say so ;-) ). Note that it now looks even more like crap under Netscape Navigator 4.7, but it works perfectly fine with Internet Explorer 5.5+ and Netscape 6.

Others sections will be coming back online whenever I complete them. With school out of the way, things will be moving much faster. I'm also working on the message board, and I'm in the planning stage for the new Oekaki script. E-mail answers will also be done in the next days. Thank you for your patience, we're getting there!


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